Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday's "Overpowering with Women" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, everyone snarks at Julie and Lucas, baby Ari gets christened, EJ tries to seduce Abby into not talking to Hope, and Nick crashes the christening.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are my live tweets:

Rafe says to Lucas, "ready for the big day, grandpa?" Sami sees Gabi and Kate talking. They are talking about Julie.

Hope asks where Gabi is. She wants to talk to her before the ceremony. Hope asks Abby if she knows anything about Nick.

Roman and Caroline at the Pub. Caroline forgot about the christening. Eric and Marlena talking at the hospital.

Eric doesn't want to talk about Nicole to Marlena. Abby doesn't tell Hope anything.

Jenn and JJ talk about his court hearing. Roman teases Caroline for remembering she's a great great grandmother.

Hope asks EJ why he's being protective about Gabi. Abby tells Wilson that Julie and Hope are asking questions about Nick.

Will texts Gabi that Hope wants to question her about Nick. Kami and Gabi leave for the church.

Rafe and Lucas discussing why they are not bringing dates to a christening. Lucas seems to feel guilty about bringing Sheryl to Salem.

Sami tells Abby she's perfect to be a godmother. Julie says Doug is stuck in Miami Beach (with Bieber.)

EJ takes "umbrage" with Hope's interrogation during Ari's day. Sami backs him up.

Jenn tells Julie and Hope that Brady and Maggie are ill, and won't be coming. Jenn has no clue that there's a Nick issue.

Rafe and Lucas show up at the church. Sami asks Rafe if Jordan is still bossy. lol Kate says, "sometimes I really like you" to Sami.

Roman, Caroline and Eric show up at the church. Julie mentions Eric being on the big screen, Hope shushes her. lol

Baby Ari is so cute in her christening outfit.

Father Matt performs the christening. Abby and Sonny give speeches as the godparents. Gabi has a flashback of drowning Nick.

Gabi thanks everyone for coming. Rafe and Gabi discuss their sister, Ari. Father Matt asks Eric how he's doing being back in church.

Eric asks to talk to Father Matt later. Kate complains about Gabi "amateurs." Kate asks EJ to shut up Abby.

Jenn teases Lucas for being a grandpa. Lucas teases her for skipping the DiMera party. EJ asks Abby to talk to him.

Sami says, "Julie never says 'no' to a buffet." Julie asks Hope to talk to Gabi. Hope wants to talk to Abby first.

EJ grabs Abby's arm so she can't leave to talk to Hope. EJ wonders why she slept with him.

Lucas leaves the church. Abby says EJ is "overpowering with women." EJ strokes her cheek. EJ is very close to kissing her. She leaves.

Abby tells Hope she needs to talk to her. Nick comes in and says, "sorry, am I interrupting?"

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