Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday's "Impossible Is My Middle Name" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nicole and Daniel track down Dr. Chyka, Brady denies having a drinking problem to Maggie and Victor, Jordan and Rafe kiss a lot, Nick has weird conversations with Rafe, Abby, and Kate, EJ and Abby can't keep away from each other, and Percy the world's most annoying bird watcher is back.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets with a few Facebook posts thrown in since I was put in twitter jail today:

Victor and Brady complain about Titan mistakes. Brady tells him that Maggie is mad at him for not going to the 9 am AA meeting.

Maggie threatens to tell Victor the truth about Brady. Eric talks about the pain Kristen caused him. Dichole figure out who Chyka is.

Chyka says he's going on the road again. Kate and EJ at the Club discussing Nick. Rafe falls trying to go after Nick. Jordan is there.

Jordan asks Nick why he didn't help Rafe. Nick tells Rafe to be careful or he can relapse. Kate wants EJ to calm down.

Abby thinks about her and EJ in the linen closet. Dan tells Nicole that they can't do this.

Brady tells Victor that he got drunk while Victor was gone and missed the christening. EJ tells Kate not to worry about Abby.

EJ asks about Nick wanting a job from Kate. Nick tells Rafe that Gabi can make her own decisions. Nick leaves.

Dan wants the police involved with Chyka.

Jordan and Rafe leave the bench. Nick and Abby outside the Pub. Nick asks if she's avoiding him.

Nick tells Abby that she looked just as shocked when he turned up at the church. Rafe and Jordan join Kate and EJ.

Victor is not happy that Brady left AA. Brady wants to go back to work. Eric talks about how he needs to find a way to forgive Kristen.

Eric says Brady blames him for what happened with Kristen. He says he's not worthy to be God's servant.

Dan wants to know what Eric's other option is besides the priesthood from Nicole. She says that Eric and Nic love each other.

Maggie is not happy that Victor thinks Brady doesn't have a problem. Brady in his room, thinking about drinking.

Dan asks if Nicole wants to be with Eric. "Desparately," she says. He says she's working against herself by proving Eric's innocence.

Nick is like the guy who talks too close to your face.

Jordan mentions Rafe's fall in front of Kate. EJ leaves. Jordan says she thinks Rafe is going to have a lot of help keeping Nick in line.

EJ's at the hospital. Jordan talks about the worst Super Bowl party she's ever been to. Rafe shares a story. They kiss.

Kate refuses to hire Nick. Nick wants to pitch ideas to her at the Pub. Brady tries not to drink. Victor doesn't think it's a big deal

Eric says there is more than one way to serve God. Nicole is tired of being second best. She doesn't want to be there again.

Dichole somehow figured out Chyka's hideout by tracking his cell. Chyka tries to break his phone with a poker a few times.

Nicole wants to go after Chyka Dan tries to talk her out of it. He's going with her.

Rafe has Jordan rubbing a knot in his back. He wants to go back to his place. She has to work. More kissing. She leaves.

Brady listens to Maggie/Victor fight over him. Victor is going to have the staff watch Brady's drinking. Dan calls Maggie.

Dan asks Maggie to sign for a bike he ordered for Parker. Brady is still listening. Dan calls Parker. Nicole is packed.

Eric is told that God doesn't want necessarily what Eric wants.

Nick pitches water proof make up to Kate. Kate considers paying him a fee. Nick wants to be a full employee.

Brady takes Daniel's key from Maggie's ring. Eric asks if he is going to be asked to give up the church and Nicole.

Dan and Nicole leave. Chyka opens up a safe. He pulls out a gun and some cash. Then he puts some documents in it.

EJ says he hopes it'll become easier for them to be around each other when they run into each other.

 From Facebook:
Nick says he wants to hire a lab assistant to Kate. Percy the bird watcher says, "greetings" to Kate while putting his hand on Nick's shoulder. #Days

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