Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday's "The Stupid and The Sinners of Salem" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ continues to spy on everyone in Salem, Kayla wants Abby to tell Jenn about Chad, Kate stops Gabi from spilling the beans to Rafe, Jordan is revealed to having several identities, Brady uses cocaine, Nicole works on her story, and Daniel offers to help Eric prove his innocence.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Kayla pries into Abby's personal life. She wants to know if Abby told Jenn why she broke up with Chad. Why does Kay care?

EJ's mole tells him that Nick Fallon blew up Mad World's network. Rafe tells Gabi that he'll hurt Nick if he hurt her.

Victor tells Maggie to come home when he finds her at the hospital. She refuses. Brady gets a text. Brady starts to use drugs.

Nicole has a condition for her doing the Eric story. Dan finds Eric unconscious on the ground.

Kate tries to get Gabi's attention. T thinks she wants him. She tells him to "go away." lol Eric starts to wake up.

Victor won't apologize, Maggie says he's never sorry. Brady uses drugs.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick arranged the modeling offer and got himself a job in NYC too. Kate tells Jordan to "buzz off."

I have no clue why Kayla is bringing up Chad. He's not coming back to Salem. So what's the point?

Theo gives EJ a big hug. Theo asks when Chad and Cameron are coming back. EJ won't condemn Kristen to Abe.

Dan treats Eric's cut. Eric tells Dan that he doesn't know what to do. Nicole shows up at the K-Mansion. Brady opens the door.

Victor tells Maggie that Brady is better off because of what he did.

Brady tells Nicole that her story will be, "the Stupid and the Sinners of Salem" with him being the Stupid.

Abby shows up at the Pub. Abe tells her that Cameron sends his best to her. Theo gives Abby a big hug. EJ joins them.

Kate joins Gabi and Rafe. Kate tells Rafe that Nick is in NYC. Gabi tells Kate that she has to tell him everything.

I'm surprised Gabi is torn about telling Rafe what happened. He's always covered her ass in the past.

Kate tells Rafe that Gabi had sex with Nick. Kate tells Gabi to not let Nick ruin her life or anyone else's.

Maggie tells Victor that she won't be coming home. Nicole asks Brady about the broken dvd on the floor. Dan offers to help Eric.

Dan offers to investigate about the drug that Kristen used on Eric. Abe and Theo leave.

EJabby fighting their attraction to each other. EJ tells Abby "my dear, I am a bad man." She smiles.

Jordan leaves the hospital. Kayla has good news for Rafe. Gabi is still freaking out to Kate.

Gabi: Why did you tell him that I slept Nick? Kate: It was better than telling him you killed a guy.

Kate leaves Gabi. Nicole asks Brady why he's so calm. She leaves. Victor comes home when Brady is ready to use again.

Nicole gets more X rated messages. Victor says "stubborn as a mule" in Greek. Brady wants to take a leave of absence from Titan.

Kate accuses EJ of stalking her. Kate says "curiosity can kill fat cats as well." Kate gets a call from Sami.

I nominate EJ as the Salem busy body. Doesn't he have a job or something?

Sami calls Kate back. Nicole wants to talk to Dan about Eric. Eric meets with Father Matt at the Pub.

Father Matt mentions the Serenity prayer to Eric. Matt tells him to take charge.

Victor tells Brady that Maggie is afraid for his sobriety. Kayla found a wheelchair fitted place for Rafe to stay in a few weeks.

Jordan thinks about Rafe kissing her. Jordan whips out a ton of different driver licenses with her face and several different names.

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