Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday's "Double Dose of Awkward" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Will thinks Gabi and Kami are planning a surprise birthday party for him, Ejami fight over their secrets, Kate confronts Jordan again, and Theresa blackmails JJ.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Ejami fight then kiss. Will wants to talk about Nick to Gabi. Will says he knows what happened. Rafe tells Kate not to feel guilty anymore.

Kate says, "you think I feel guilty?" Sami pushes EJ off of her. Abby joins Jenn at home. Theresa taped JJ at her place the night of OD.

Gabi thinks Will is cool with her killing Nick. He's talking about Nick going to NYC. Now Gabi figures it out.

Abby asks why Jenn didn't get rid of Theresa. *rolls eyes*

Theresa rips on Bitchifer to JJ. Rafe tells Kate that she broke up with him because she felt stifled. Rafe calls her "an independent woman."

Ejami fight again about secrets. Sami says she doesn't need EJ to protect her, but he did sell his soul to Stefano to keep her out of prison

Sami thinks EJ is mad that he's "not getting any." True.

Sami starts stripping off her clothes. EJ tells her to stop because she's embarrassing herself. She tells him "no way in hell" about sex.

Gabi tells Will that Nick went nuts when she told him that she's not going to NYC. Rafe wants to know if they are still friends.

Kayla interrupts Rate. Kate leaves. She sees Jordan go into the elevator. Jenn tells Abby that she left it up to Shane and Kim.

Theresa blackmails JJ. She wants him to buy weed with his own money for her.

Will tells Gabi to reconsider modeling. Gabi leaves to clear her head. Theresa taunts JJ for Dan covering his ass.

Gabi hallucinates Nick again at the park. I'm glad EJ mentioned saving Sami's ass from prison. EJ throws a glass claims he didn't lie.

Sami ask what he is lying about now. He asks why she's still here.

Gabi mistakes T for Nick. Sonny comes home. Will thinks something is going on with Gabi, Sami, and Kate.

Will thinks the girls are planning a surprise party for him. Kate asks Jordan if she thinks she pulled it off.

Sami says it's hard for her to be in the same room with EJ because she loves him so much. Abby defends EJ's sophistication to Jenn.

Jenn tells Abby that JJ really wants to fix things. JJ leaves after Theresa offers to show his judge the tape with him with a joint.

Will talks about hating parties and surprises as being a "double dose of awkward." He asks Sonny to find out for him.

Gabi asks T to stay and keep her company. Kate tells Jordan that she won't let Jordan hurt Rafe. Sami aches to be back with EJ.

Sami wants EJ 2 tell her the truth. Sami offers to move out if he wants her 2. JJ comes home. JJ gets a call about new evidence in his case.

Gabi comes home and calls Kate. Sonny overhears Gabi planning for Kami to come over tomorrow. Jordan looks at her various driver licenses.

EJ tells Sami that he doesn't want her to leave. They hug. Sami leaves to check on the kids. EJ talks to Stefano's portrait about patience.

Theresa and her neighbor, Skip punk JJ over the phone. Jenn and Abby bring JJ eggnog. Jenn toasts to a new start for them.

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  1. With regard to Abbigail: can you say Daddy complex? She has her sights set on studly EJ. He is irristible and judging by Wednesday's episode it is clear Abby is going to help herself to a delicious serving of EJ. When Sami finds out, she will scratch Abbigail's eyes out.