Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tuesday's "Little Angel" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was an extension from Monday's episode with the boring Dannifer stuff.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe talks about how he's surprised that he never had kids to Jordan. Rafe asks Jordan if she thought of having kids.

Will joins Kami and Gabi at the Pub. Kate tells him they were talking to Gabi about the baby, he doesn't buy it.

Abby comes to the DiMansion on EJ's invitation. Jenn tells Dan that she talked to JJ about him.

JJ tells Theresa he was there when she overdosed. Theresa laughs because she remembers everything. Tre drinks wine.

Parker's nanny takes him to the book store. Hope and Ciara are at the hospital waiting for Theo. Ciara misses Bo.

Kate covers and says they were discussing Gabi modeling for them. Gabi flips out again.

Gabi really sucks at bluffing. Will watches the trio from outside. Jordan says she's not sure if she'll make a good mother.

EJ gives a present from Chad to Abby. The gift was the charm she gave Chad. She got it from Jack. EJ calls Abby, "little angel."

EJ tells Abby that he read Jack's book. Ciara tells Hope she wishes for Bo to be home for Christmas. Theo has a surprise for Ciara.

Jenn tells Dan that JJ told her everything he did to break up Dannifer. Jenn asks if Dannifer breaking up was JJ's fault.

JJ thinks Theresa is bluffing. She's not bluffing.

EJ says he could not put down Jack's book. EJ tells her he sensed a loneliness in Jack. Sami tells Gabi they are in it together.

Theo shows Ciara the earring and tells her that it's their secret. Theresa says she pretended to not remember to stay in Salem.

JJ tells Theresa that she has to tell the truth for Daniel's sake.

Jenn says their lives will be different now if she made different decisions. Um no. Dannifer would have broken up 10 x by now.

Jenn sets Dan up that maybe she wants to reconcile, then drops the Theresa bomb. No, she's not forgiving him for being with Theresa.

Jordan tells Rafe that he can move into his transitional place tomorrow and he'll get a new therapist. He wants her on his case.

Ari crying stops Rafe/Jordan from kissing. Hope, Will, Abby, Ciara, and Theo at the Club, Will didn't know that Nick is in NYC.

EJ catches Sami looking under the sofa cushions. "Looking for something?" That's always the best place to find spare change.

Sami says Sydney's stuffed pig is missing. EJ is mad that she didn't go to work. Gabi shows up at the Wilson apartment.

Rafe asks Gabi why they don't have a Christmas tree. Jordan wheels Rafe out of the apartment. Hope wants to talk to Will

Hope tells Will that Nick wasn't worried about going to NYC without knowing anyone. Will leaves. Jenn is willing to listen to Dan.

JJ asks Theresa what JJ did to her. Theresa says Jenn didn't care that she almost died. TOTALLY TRUE

Theresa tells JJ she's happy that Jenn is tortured thinking Daniel was having sex with her.

Hope asks Abby if she's ok about Chad. She is. Abby says she doesn't need a man to be happy. Ciara puts the earring in her backpack.

Theo gave a 30k earring to Ciara. He's a keeper. next supercouple!

EJ wants to know what Sami is up to. Dan has nothing to say to Bitchifer. She says she doesn't care who he's with. Yeah right.

JJ threatens to tell Jenn what he did. He's not worried that Jenn will turn him in. Theresa says he should be. She's right.

Rafe tells Kate that he's getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Jordan eavesdrops. Rafe tells Kate not to feel guilty anymore.

Ejami argue. They start kissing. Will goes back to the apartment. He wants to talk about Nick.

Jenn breaks out the Christmas decorations. She remembers Dan at Christmas and her awful too blonde hair.

Theresa show JJ something on her phone.

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