Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tuesday's "Captain Obvious" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Eric gets insulted by everyone in very creative ways after the rape tape goes viral, Brady gets his own naughty Kristen DVD, EJ tries to figure out what Sami is up to, Gabi has a guilty conscience, and Jordan wants to stay professional with Rafe.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe and Jordan kiss. Nick's flash drive gave Kate's computer a virus. EJ watches her. Sonny goes off to work. Will holds the baby.

Gabi has nightmares about Nick. Eric and Brady accidentally meet in Hope's office. Nicole tells her boss that Eric won't do an interview.

Nicole's boss tells her the Kristen/Eric tape when viral. If that doesn't drive more people to St. Luke's, I don't know what will.

Rafe apologizes to Jordan for kissing her. She says "it will never ever happen again." EJ offers to help Kate.

Hope says someone recorded the sex video at the church, and put it online. Nicole's boss calls Eric/Kristen "2 horny bastards."

Nicole refuses to cover the Eric/Kristen story. Brady calls Eric, "Captain Obvious." Eric says Kristen destroyed their brotherhood.

Sonny needs to hire 2 bartenders. T wants a job. Jordan thinks the kiss with Rafe was unprofessional.

Rafe says the kiss "was the best 15 seconds he's had in a long time." He asks if he can kiss her when she is no longer his therapist.

The Kate/EJ scene was too short. EJ calls someone to investigate Mad World's issues. Gabi looks up the news online.

Will asks Gabi if everything is ok. She tells him, "no".

Brady calling Eric "Captain Obvious" is another pot meet kettle situation between the dim bulb brothers.

Brady now calls Eric "Annie" from the musical because he thinks the sun will come up tomorrow. Brady makes fun of his faith.

I have no clue why Brady is mad at Eric. Kate tells Sami on the phone about the virus. Gabi leaves to see Rafe.

Brady tells Eric that prayer isn't going to fix it. Eric tells him that being a priest is who he is. Eric leaves.

Rafe jokingly says he'll fire Jordan so he can date her. Rafe walks to Jordan. Gabi calls Rafe. They agree to meet at the club.

Nicole sees she has 87 messages. "Hot priest in action" lol She watches it! Eric is there.

Gabi and EJ talk in the Square. Gabi tells him that she talked to Sami yesterday. Will tells Kate that Gabi is acting odd.

Brady goes back to the K-Mansion. He finds the drugs in his pocket. That was dumb to take the drugs to the Salem PD.

Henderson gives Brady a dvd. He thinks it's the sex tape. Eric apologizes again to Nicole. Nicole says her producer gave her the tape.

Sonny calls Will. He asks Will to bring his check book that he forgot. Sonny tells Will that Gabi is there to meet Rafe.

Kate offers to take the check book for Will to Sonny. Rafe meets Gabi at the Club. EJ drops by Will's. Eric rips on Nicole.

Nicole calls Eric "Father Big Mouth." He accuses of her planning to trash him on tv.

The dvd is of Kristen sitting in the K-Mansion.

EJ talks to Will about Sami. Will tells EJ about the NYC modeling gig. Kate goes to the club and gives Sonny his checkbook.

Jordan says hi to Kate. Hope and Nicole talk on the bench. Hope asks Nic to go easy on him. Eric meets a student at the Square.

Dawn's father tells Eric not to talk to his family again. Kristen's dvd was recorded pre-wedding.

EJ leaves. Jordan stops Kate from talking to Gabi. Gabi tells Rafe that she has to talk about Nick. Nicole unquits her job.

Nicole will do the story on Eric. Dawn's father pushes Eric into a bench. He's knocked out. Kristen's dvd has her stripping.

Brady turns off the dvd when Kristen unbuttons her dress. Brady takes out the drugs.

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