Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday's "Have Your Ass Fired" #Days Live Tweets

On Thursday's episode of Days of our Lives, Sonny learns a lot by eavesdropping, Nicole pre-interviews Brady, Eric undergoes testing for drugs, JJ and Brady try to buy drugs, Maggie and Abby talk about men, and Adrienne apologizes to Sami while Sami is covering up a murder.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Gabi is still obsessing about killing Nick. She prays to God to have Kami help her get through it. That's a bit backwards.

Sonny tells Will what he overheard of Gabi's conversation with Kate. Will asks for him to figure out what they are doing.

Adrienne wants to talk to Sami. Theresa calls JJ who is playing his guitar. She wants him to do an errand for her.

Dan tells Eric that Chloe gets Parker for Christmas. They switch holidays. Dan will work on Eric's case. Nicole drops by the K-Mansion.

Nicole wants to pre-interview Brady who totally forgot. Adrienne admits she was wrong about Wilson. Kate walks in on them.

Adrienne wants to tag along to see Ari with Kami. Eric wants to talk about Theresa to Dan. Eric tells Dan that Nicole said he wasn't guilty

Brady tells Nicole that he can "have your ass fired" if she butchers Eric's story.

Kami try to talk Adrienne out of coming with them. Kate calls Adrienne a "judgmental shrew" behind her back.

Sami tells Kate that Adrienne apologized again for her comment about Sonny dating Will and his crazy family. re: Nick's death

Will leaves. Sonny says he'll leave soon. Abby asks who JJ called a bitch. She tells him that Jenn is proud of him.

Nicole asks Brady about his engagements to Kristen. Dan thinks there might still be drugs in Eric's system. Dan says the test may be painful

Maggie shows up at the Horton mansion. She talks to Abby about Victor. Abby says Maggie, Abs, and Jenn are all solo. Not a coincidence.

Abby is worried about JJ. JJ is at Theresa's. She wants him to buy drugs for her. He sees her cell. He deletes the video.

Nicole asks Brady what happened at the wedding when the tape aired. Nicole is not happy with Brady's attitude.

T tells Will that Nick didn't deserve Gabi. Gabi answers the door for Kami. Sonny is still there. Sonny pretends to leave.

Sonny hides in the closet, while the ladies get ready to talk.

Abby tells Maggie that JJ called a woman a bitch. Theresa tells JJ that she has copies of the video and shows him proof.

Eric shirtless in a hospital bed. That's all you need to know.

Brady says he's acting flippant to help deal with what happened. Nicole leaves. She dresses much better as a journalist than a secretary.

Brady uses right after Nicole leaves. T denies crushing on Gabi. Will encourages T to go for Gabi. Will texts Sonny for an update.

Sonny texts Will that he's back in the closet. lol Sami tells Gabi that it will be better. Sonny thinks they are talking about NYC.

JJ contacted Rory and Bev. JJ asks them to hook him up. Rory says JJ is using them for drugs. Nicole shows up at the hospital.

Dan thanks Nicole for talking to Eric about Theresa. Nicole is surprised Eric listened to her. Brady prepares to work out.

Brady drops his drugs on the floor. Adrienne talks to Will at the Club. Will tells Adrienne that Wilson is playing a trick on Sami.

Sonny nods in agreement when he hears Gabi say that Sonny is intuitive.

Theresa is at the hospital waiting for JJ. Rory tells JJ to go to the bench on the south side of the park. Abby sees JJ with Rory.

Nicole walks into Eric's room. Nicole talks to him while Eric is in pain. Brady calls his dealer while cleaning his drug mess.

Kami eats. Kami compliment Sonny. Will tells Adrienne that Sonny is in the closet. Sonny texts Will how great Kami are.

Nicole wipes sweat from Eric. Just think about that for awhile.

Dan talks to himself about Kristen having help to drug Eric. Dr. Chyka is on the phone telling someone he's far away.

Brady and JJ are both at the drug dealing bench.

Sonny overhears Gabi saying that the three of them murdered Nick.

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