Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday's "Cousin Sami" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami fights with Ciara, Sonny keeps the girls' secret for a little longer, EJ tries to bluff Gabi and Sonny, Will is totally clueless, and Daniel is jealous of Jenn's date.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Sami asks Sonny not to tell Justin anything. Sami tries to take the phone from him. Liam asks Jenn if she changed her mind on dinner.

Daniel overhears Jenn and Liam discuss dinner. JJ tells Theresa that he has blackmail on her. Hope takes Ciara and Theo to the club.

Ciara shows Theo that she's wearing Sami's earring. EJ and Will show up with the baby. Will asks, "what is going on here?"

Sonny tells Justin he'll meet him in 30 min. Sami calls EJ "a boy scout" for helping Will carry his packages.

Will still thinks they are talking about his surprise party. He's giving serious competition to Brady and Eric for "dumbass of the year."

Hope sees Justin. Hope says she was on the phone with Bo. Dan asks who Jenn is dating. Anne eavesdrops. Jenn is not amused by Dan.

Theresa tells JJ that her evidence is better than his. Sonny leaves. Kami leaves. EJ stays. He wants to talk to Gabi.

EJ wants Gabi to tell him what is going on.

JJ tells Theresa that she is evil. Abe introduces Daniel to Liam. Liam wants to do lunch with Dan. Abe praises Liam to Dan.

Daniel is not interested in hearing nice things about Liam. Hope tells Justin that Bo won't be home for Christmas.

Kate spots Sonny. Gabi tells EJ that Sonny found out about Will's surprise party. EJ bluffs that Sami told him the truth.

Kami stops Sonny from going into the Pub. Sonny says the Hortons deserve to know what happened to Nick.

Theresa says she'll take Dan down too because he helped JJ. Justin leaves. Sami bashes Sonny for eavesdropping in a closet.

Kate tries to get Sonny to wait to talk until after Christmas. EJ tells Gabi that Kami will walk all over her.

Jenn tells Abe that she's going out with Liam. Theresa eavesdrops. Anne grabs Tre. Tre leaves to twist the knife into Jen Jen.

Gabi tells EJ the story about Nick setting up the modeling job. Gabi says she thinks that Kami is trying to run her life.

EJ is not buying Gabi's story. Sonny asks Kami if they are just buying time. Sami tells Kate that Ciara has her earring.

Justin asks Sonny if he's ready to talk.

Theresa gives Jenn her new id badge. Dan tells JJ that Jenn is going out on a date. Sami finds Hope and Ciara at the Club.

Sami offers to watch Ciara while Hope takes Theo home.

Sami tells Ciara they need to spend more time together. Ciara says it's because Sami doesn't invite her over or come by her house. lol

Sami mistakes Ciara's horse drawing as Justin Bieber.

Justin asks if anyone is in danger. Sonny says no one is in danger. Sonny says he'll keep it to himself. Kate was watching Sonny.

Sonny confirms that he didn't tell Justin. Sami talks about her missing earring. Ciara denies seeing it while grabbing her backpack.

Theresa asks Jenn about dating Liam. Theresa tells her there was nothing between her and Daniel. Jenn's fuming.

JJ says he's clear now. He leaves Dan's. Gabi gives Will a hug saying she couldn't stand it if she lost Wilson/Ari now.

Sami wants to look in Ciara's backpack. "It's not nice to hold out on Cousin Sami." Hope breaks up their fight over the backpack.

EJ tells Sonny that he knows, and he learned it from Gabi. How many times is EJ going to play that card?

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