Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thursday's "Baby Napping, Husband Stealing, Piece of Trash" #Days Live Tweets

On Thursday's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami insults Nicole into not helping Eric, Brady uses again, Jenn asks Maggie to move in, Eric doesn't want Daniel to help him, and Theresa starts to remember what happened the night of her overdose.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Will visits JJ at the Horton house. Jenn sees Maggie at the Club. Jenn's "working remotely" today. So that's what they call it now. lol

Theresa is there to meet with Maggie. Nicole leaves a message for Brady worrying he's not taking Kristen's betrayal very well.

Nicole wants to finish a conversation with Dan. Dan is happy that she's doing a story on Eric. The press is hanging around the DiMansion.

Harold informs EJ that Sami came to the mansion and left. Eric joins Sami at the Pub in a tight, short sleeved shirt.

Sami notices Eric's cut. Brady uses again. He decides to go out. JJ's sentencing got postponed for a few weeks.

Theresa tells Jenn that there is something she needs to tell her about Dan. Dan tells Nicole that Eric got hurt.

Nicole tells Dan she doesn't know if she can sit down and talk to Eric. How else did she expect to do this story?

Dan tells Nicole exonerating Eric is the right thing to do. Eric tells Sami that he doesn't believe EJ doesn't know where Kristen is.

EJ tells Sami's picture that she's the only family he has left. He puts the pic next to Lexie's and Stefano's. Nope, no Tony picture.

Theresa apologizes to Jenn, and says she doesn't remember anything. Theresa is being sincere, and Jenn's being a bitch.

Theresa tells Jenn that she pretended she was having a relationship with Dan. Jenn says Dan confessed to being at Theresa's that night

EJ insists to Brady that Kristen did love him. Brady says he's over her. He leaves. Sami has no sympathy for Eric falsely accusing Nicole.

Sami says Nicole is capable of drugging and raping someone.

Eric leaves Sami. Nicole tells Dan that she's over Eric. Eric is coming over Dan's apartment. Nicole runs out of there.

JJ tells Will that he's the reason that Dan was at Theresa's because he broke up Dannifer. Will is dressed like Mr. Rogers.

If Theresa keeps showing up where Jenn is, Jenn might actually get some work done at the hospital while fleeing from her.

Maggie turns down Theresa's request for Maggie being her sponsor. Maggie introduces Brady to Theresa. She asks him to take her to AA.

Eric tells Dan he needs to do whatever it takes to clear his name. Sami goes to Nicole's office. She wants him to help Eric.

JJ tells Jenn about his postponement. I spoke too soon, Jenn's at home instead of at work. Jenn bitches about Theresa to JJ.

Brady blows off going to AA with Theresa. Maggie asks Brady if he's alright. Dan tells Eric that Kristen destroyed the evidence at the PI's.

Dan thinks Eric might still have drugs in his system that he can test. Nicole asks if "hell just froze over?"

Sami calls Nicole a, "baby napping husband stealing, piece of trash." And that's how she's going to convince Nicole to help Eric.

EJ and Will talk at the Square. EJ tells him that Sami and the kids are the most important thing to him.

Sami asks Nicole to use her skills "for good instead of evil." Sami & Nic exchange insults. Nicole asks if Sami has murdered anyone lately?

Jenn offers Maggie to move back into the Horton house. Maggie thinks that Dan will have a problem with it. They can lean on each other.

Eric thinks he should ask someone else to help him because of Theresa. Dan asks what the problem is. JJ and Theresa see each other at the Sq

Maggie wants to think about moving in with Jenn. Men if you plan to visit the Horton house, leave your balls at home.

Maggie tells Jenn that someone else is staying with Dan. Eric thinks Dan is trying to redeem himself. For what? Saving Theresa's life?

OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! Sami asks if Nicole is due to lose another baby.

Nicole tells Sami to leave.

Brady calls a dealer. Theresa starts to remember what happened. Maggie tells Jenn that Nicole moved in with Daniel.

Nicole tells Eric she will never make the mistake of helping him again. Sami's back at the mansion. Sami mistakes EJ for Nick.

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