Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday's "Poor Excuse for a Human Being" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami looks for her missing earring, Jenn continues to be a bitch to Dan, Daniel's ethics hearing is concluded, JJ rejects his druggie friends, and Rafe and Jordan kiss. You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Sami is at the river looking for her earring. Nick grabs her hand. Kate holds the flash drive Nick gave her. Rafe walks at the Pub.

Jordan, Abe, and Theo see Rafe walk. Theo takes Jordan to get hot chocolate. Abe tells Rafe that Jordan seems different.

Maxine shows up at Dan's. Jenn tells JJ that today is Dan's disciplinary hearing. Anne tells Theresa about Dan's hearing.

EJ is going 2 the board hearing. Nick pulls Sami in the water. Maxine gathered letters 2 support Dan. Jen questions JJ on his support of Dan
Anne coaches Theresa on how to act at the hearing. Nick dunks Sami underwater. Then Sami wakes up from her nightmare.

Jenn tells JJ that she wrote a letter on Dan's behalf. Anne tells Theresa to say that Dan was trashing Jenn to her that night.

Abe and Theo go exploring. Rafe tells Jordan that she's a natural with kids. Sami gets dressed. EJ asks her what she's up to.

Bev and Rory see JJ at the Square. He tries to blow them off. They are not buying his excuses. Rory offers him pot.

Kayla asks Theresa to do some work. Kay tells her she got a text from Shane that they got home ok. Dan walks into the hospital.

Jordan tells Rafe she enjoys working with kids. Jordan gets annoyed with Rafe's questions and wants to leave.

Sami is upset with EJ's interrogation. Sami tells him that she keeps secrets from him because, "that's what we do. It's our specialty."

Theo finds Sami's earring at the bank of the river. If Sami's lucky, Johnny will swipe it from Theo for her.

Sami looks for her earring. I love Bev's skull scarf. Bev and Rory ask why he doesn't want to get high. He turns them down.

EJ doesn't see the point of the hospital board meeting. Dan is about to give his statement. Maxine talks to Theresa.

Anne tries to interrogate Dan during his statement, and she is stopped. Dan tells the truth except the JJ part.

Anne texts Theresa. She comes in to the meeting to give a statement. Sami is covered in dirt.

Theresa's statement states that she doesn't remember anything, & Dan saved her life. Anne looks pissed. Dr. Westbrooke rules in Dan's favor

Dannifer are left in a room together. Rory and Bev say they care about JJ when everyone else thinks JJ is a freak.

Jordan and Rafe are in the park. Jordan asks about Gabi's modeling. Rafe attempts to walk again. Sami runs into Kate.

Kate got someone to pick up Nick's stuff in NYC. Kate is concerned with Gabi. Sami tells Kate she lost something at the river.

Dan jokes to Jenn that Anne wasn't happy. Dan thanks Jenn for her letter. Kate tells Sami that the earring costs 30k.

Sami tells Kate to check Nick's flash drive. Rafe sits near Jordan on the bench. Sami runs into Theo.

Anne calls Theresa a "backstabber." Theresa blows her off. Kayla updates JJ on Dan's hearing. Kayla wants JJ on .

Jenn calls Dan "a poor excuse for a human being." Bitch, please.

Rafe and Jordan kiss. EJ shows up at the Pub. Kate tries out the flash drive at the Pub. Yep, he blew up her computer.

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