Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday's "Peaches" #Days Live Tweets

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On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Brady tells Jenn that he saw JJ at the drug dealing bench in the park, Jenn confronts JJ, Caroline visits Theresa, Victor insults Nicole, Dan tells Victor to tell  Maggie that he was wrong, Sonny doesn't tell Will about what Kami and Gabi did, and Nicole decides to pretend she's with Daniel so no one will suspect she's in love with Eric.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here's today's live tweets:

Jenn stops by the K-Mansion to talk to Brady. JJ goes home, Abby follows him. She gets on him for being with Rory and Bev.

Caroline drops by Theresa's. Father Matt is there when Eric wakes up. Father Matt tells him there's no need for him to suffer.

Dan gets results from a CT scan. Victor drops by Dan's, asks why Nicole is living there. Adrienne stops Sonny from telling Will the truth.

Brady tells Jenn that JJ was in the drug area of the park.

Victor is fine with Nicole with Dan since the Hortons think Dan's not good enough for Jenn Jenn. Victor calls Nicole, "Peaches."

Caroline wants to decorate Theresa's place for Christmas. JJ tells Abby that everyone at school thinks he's a freak.

JJ tells Abby that he's not on drugs. Brady tells Jenn what happened with JJ at the park. Jenn thinks JJ is innocent.

Victor wants Nicole to leave so he can talk to Dan, she leaves. Victor needs help with Maggie. The church has no decision on Eric.

Father Matt tells Eric that the church would understand if Eric wants to leave. Eric thinks Matt is making a suggestion.

Adrienne notices there's something wrong with Sonny.

Jenn asks Brady how he is doing. Jenn tells Brady that Kristen thought she was pregnant. He's stunned.

Dan and Victor argue about what Victor did. Father Matt doesn't want Eric to leave the church. Eric says being a priest is his life.

Father Matt got Eric a job interview with a studio owner. Matt tells Nicole that her working to help Eric is a bad idea.

Theresa tells Caroline that she will start AA tonight. Jenn apologizes for not telling Brady about Kristen's affair.

Brady tells Jenn that he's not mad at her. Dan tells Victor to admit to Maggie that he was wrong.

Father Matt warns Nicole that if the public found out she was in love with Eric, that she won't recover.

Sonny wants to talk to Will first then Adrienne. She leaves. Will says the party is his worst nightmare, Sonny disagrees.

Dan goes to the KMansion asking Brady if he knew where Kristen would have gotten the drugs to poison Eric.

Caroline gives Theresa back a pine cone snowman she made in 4th grade. Caroline tells Theresa to repay Jenn for her kindness.

Jenn gets Abby to pass out flyers. Jenn asks JJ why he was in the park this morning. Will tries to get the truth out of Sonny.

JJ tells Jenn that he was giving notes to a friend, he went to the wrong bench. JJ insists that he has changed. She does.

Brady starts using after Daniel leaves. Nicole visits Eric. Eric remembers Nicole forgave him. Eric wants to know her feelings.

Will practices his "surprise" face for the party. Oh I need a screen cap of that. Sonny is mad he didn't come clean with Will.

JJ left to go Christmas shopping. Jenn asks Abby if JJ has changed. They both think he's fine. JJ calls Tre he can't buy drugs for her.

Nicole tells Eric that she's not pining over him anymore. She claims she moved on with Dan. Eric looks devastated. Oh the angst!

Will texts Sami telling her he needs to talk to her at his place.

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