Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday's "The Big Boss" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives I was totally distracted by the breaking news of Thaao Penghlis reprising his role on General Hospital that I could not concentrate on the show. Anyway, it was a Dannifer episode so that's all you need to know.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jenn asks why JJ was talking to Dan. Theresa asks Dan what happened the night she overdosed. Rafe calls Jordan to see Ari.

Jordan looks through a collection of driver licenses with various names on them and her pic. Wilson come home with the baby.

Gabi, Kate, and Sami have to deal with the bird watcher. Theresa asks Dan what happened between them that night.

Kate tells the bird watcher that they had been drinking that night.

Theresa knows she didn't have sex with Dan, but wants to know if they were going to. She's crying.

Rafe, Jordan and the baby spend time at Wilson's. Sami claims Kate has a cheating boyfriend they were following in the park.

I can't concentrate on with the breaking news of joining !

The birdwatcher asks Gabi about her backpack that she had with her. Theresa thinks she tricked Dan to go to her place for sex.

JJ says it was his fault how he acted after Jack died wasn't Dannifer's fault.

Sonny tells Will he thinks Gabi is up to something. Gabi is afraid the birdwatcher knows what they did.

Kate says she'll calm Gabi down if "I have to kill her to do it." Theresa asks Dan if they are ok. He asks her to be kind to Jenn.

Theresa accuses Dan of still being in love with Dan. JJ tries to get Jenn to reconcile with Dan. Jenn rips on Dan to JJ.
    I meant Dan was in love with Jenn.  My mistake got some laughs on twitter:
BEST FREUDIAN SLIP EVER. “: Theresa accuses Dan of still being in love with Dan.

Rory finds JJ at the park. JJ tells Rory that he has to take a risk. Rafe tells Jordan about his sister Ariana and baby Grace.

Sami grabs Gabi's phone and texts Rafe. Sami tells Gabi not to tell Rafe. Sami says he'll send them to prison. Yeah right.

Jordan tells Rafe that she's an only child.

Rafe keeps calling Jordan "the big boss." Will isn't worried about Gabi. Sami tells Gabi Nick got what he deserved.

Will sees Gabi, Kate, and Sami at the Pub together. He says, "what the hell?" lol

Parker runs to Jenn at the Square. JJ shows up at Theresa's to talk about the night she overdosed.

Jordan asks Rafe if he wants kids of his own. Yes he does. Kate tells Gabi that if Nick lived, he would have tortured her.

Will asks Kate, Gabi, and Sami what they are up to. JJ tells Theresa he was with her when she overdosed. She laughs at him.

I know fans are bummed Thaao's not back on but they had over 3 years to bring him back, and they didn't.

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