Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday's "Trust Comes in Small Packages" #Days Live Tweets

On Friday's episode of  Days of our Lives, Nicole talks Eric into trusting Daniel, Nicole decides to help Eric, Stefano calls Kate and has a meal with EJ, Theresa asks Daniel what happened that night, and Sami and Kate try to get Gabi to keep their secret.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa starts to remember the night she overdosed. Maggie tells Jenn that Nicole moved in with Dan. Jenn claims she doesn't care.

Nicole tells Eric she will never help him. Dan tries to calm everyone down. Kate gets a call from Stefano. Sami mistakes EJ for Nick.

EJ brings up Nick to Sami. Gabi has another nightmare. She thinks she sees Nick in her bed with a gash in his head.

Theresa doesn't say what she remembers. She decides to go back to work. She tells him she won't be around him anymore.

Ericole keep bickering about Eric blaming Nicole. Dan tells them to "get over yourselves." He leaves them alone.

When EJ mentions that Nick had a busy day in Salem, Sami drops a glass. Gabi wakes up from her nightmare.

Gabi freaks out when she sees the baby gone. Will left a note that he took her. She thinks about Nick helping her with calculus.

Stefano tells Kate that Chad recovered. He has news to give her. EJ tells Sami that Nick blew up the Mad World server.

Sami gets a text from Gabi to meet her now. Sami leaves the mansion. Sami texts Kate. Nicole tells Eric that Sami ripped on her.

Nicole says she's done with Eric after he assumed her story on him was going to be a hit piece. Jenn tells JJ that Maggie is moving in

Maggie wants to talk to JJ about Dan. Theresa wants to talk to Dan about JJ.

Stefano tells Kate that Chad wanted her to know how much Stefano has changed. He plans "a kinder future." He says he'll give her time.

Eric doesn't want Dan to help him. Theresa thinks JJ keeps wanting to talk to her. Sami wants Gabi to pretend she isn't panicked in public.

Dan tells Theresa he will talk to JJ to stay away from her. Maggie barges in. Tre says she found a sponsor that Maggie recommended.

Dan gets Maggie out of the room and calls Theresa. Eric tells Nicole he won't let Dan help him because of Theresa. Nic calls him an idiot.

EJ has dinner with Stefano. Stefano seems proud of Kristen's antics. Stefano pretends that he didn't know Kristen drugged Eric.

Stefano asks EJ how his family is going. Kate accuses Gabi of conspiring with Sami to frame her.

Dan tells JJ at the Pub to stay away from Theresa. JJ wants to make things right. Nicole tells Eric that Dan is a real friend.

Eric tells Nicole that she seems to know more than what she's saying about the night of Theresa's OD. She tells him about faith.

EJ tells Stefano that he won't admit that he knew Kristen drugged Eric to Sami. Sami tells Kate not to mention the "M" word.

Kate tells Sami that Gabi almost confessed to Rafe. Sami tells her that she's putting Rafe in a bad spot.

Eric agrees to trust Dan. He asks Nicole to help him too. That is Eric's main problem. He trusts the wrong people.

Jenn sees JJ and Dan together. "Trust comes in small packages when it comes to women," says Stefano. He says Sami won't find out.

EJ thinks Sami won't marry him. Kate says she's not losing sleep over Nick. The bird watcher comes to their table.

Stefano predicts an Ejami wedding. Nicole agrees to help Eric. Eric thanks her. My Ericole heart is swelling right now.

Maggie tells Dan that she's moving in with Jenn. Dan says he hopes Magic works out. Jenn asks JJ what is going on with Daniel.

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