Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday's "Horton Hater" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sonny overhears a lot about what happened to Nick, Roman makes a rare appearance, Brady and JJ score drugs, and Marlena ruins a good Ericole moment. I missed the end of the show due to an important phone call.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ and Brady both wait 2 buy drugs at the drug dealing bench. Marlena talks to Dan in his office. Dan wants names of Stefano's Dr Feelgoods

Nicole wipes sweat from Eric. He holds her hand and asks for forgiveness. Sonny overhears Gabi and Kami discussing Nick's murder.

Marlena tells Dan about Dr. Rolf. Dan tells Marlena about Eric's test. Nicole says she forgives Eric.

Kami reminds Gabi that it was in self defense and he tried to rape her. Will texts Sonny not to get caught or Kami might kill him. lol

Gabi says dumping Nick in the river was murder.

Anne gives Theresa work to do. Theresa tells Anne she remembers everything from her overdose. Anne asks, "are you still a Horton hater?"

Theresa says she's working on destroying Jenn's life right now. JJ and Brady try to cover up why they are at the drug bench.

JJ and Brady try to get rid of each other. Dan tells Marlena about Eric's test. Eric says he feels better now, everything's better.

Gabi is worried about Hope investigating Nick. Someone knocks on the door. It's the police.

Theresa tells Anne she will take Jenn down hard. Dan walks past. Theresa fake freaks out on Anne, Anne fake freaks out back.

JJ checks his phone and says he's in the wrong place and leaves. Marlena joins Ericole. Nicole tells Marlena she's going to help Eric.

Marlena refuses to be interviewed by Nicole. Adrienne apologizes to Will again. It was Roman at the door punking Kami and Gabi.

Kaman visit the baby. Gabi tells Sami 2 get the binky in the closet. Because you know, it's always good to store binkies in a closet.

Theresa tells Dan that Anne is after her, and JJ won't leave her alone. She admits to skipping AA too. Dan wants her to go with Brady.

Brady scores some drugs. Marlena says Eric must have known Nicole had feelings for him to falsely accuse her of rape.

Marlena to Nicole, "your worry looks like love." Marlena thinks Nicole's story will look like she's in love with Eric.

Gabi and Sami join Kaman in the nursery. Sonny tries to sneak out, but the door is locked from the inside. Sonny hides behind the stroller.

Marlena texts Roman, he leaves. Sami locks the door again. Gabi asks for diaper rash cream.

Did Theresa forget that Maggie turned her down to take her to AA? She leaves Dan's office. Nicole claims to be out of love with Eric.

Nicole says Eric belongs in the priesthood. Roman interrupts. Nicole leaves. Marlena ruined a perfectly good Ericole scene. Boo

Sami tells Kate that Gabi is a "complete crazy person." Sami thinks they shouldn't have helped Gabi.

Sonny tries leaving through the window. He left the window open.

Brady uses at the K-Mansion. Brady gets concerned about JJ being at the park. JJ buys pot. He asks the dealer if he sold to Brady.

Dealer denies knowing Brady, tells JJ not to ask questions. Eric tells RoMarlena that he needs distance. He asks them to leave.

Eric asks Marlena if Nicole was there. Marlena confirms it. Nicole stops into Dan's office, she wants to meet him elsewhere.

Sami notices the window was open. Sami tells Gabi that she spent a lot of years without Marlena.

Kate tells Gabi that she doesn't want Ari screwed up like Sami. Sami rolls her eyes.

sorry, got interrupted by a call.

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