Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday's "Eternal Damnation" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, we had mostly filler scenes today, but it's worth watching for the EJ/Kristen and Victor scenes. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami asks Sonny if Gabi has no self respect at all. Sami is going to call Gabi.

Gabi wonders why she got a call from a modeling agency while talking to Nick. Victor has someone working on Kristen's flash drive.

Dan in flannel at his place with Nicole. Dan took a few days off. Eric refuses to talk to Brady about Nicole. Eric flips out on Brady.

Kristen asks EJ what she had to gain with sleeping with Eric. "Besides eternal damnation, you tell me," says EJ.

Dan tells Nicole that Eric is not thinking straight. Eric apologizes to Brady. Kristen accuses EJ of trying to ruin her wedding.

EJ tells Kristen to tell him what is going on,or he'll tell Eric.

Sonny tells Sami to back off Gabi or Gabi will take it out on him. Dan tells Nicole that he's worried about her.

Victor: "Your top hacker couldn't open my front door with a key." Marlena leaves. Kristen tells the whole story to EJ.

Kristen tells EJ that she wasn't going to go after Sami. She did think about having sex with Sami.

Kristen tells EJ about the sex tape. He yells at her and calls her "insane." She says he's done worse, and he knows it.

Sonny regrets telling Sami about Gabi. Yeah, that'll teach you. Sonny asks for Sami to text Gabi back a "never mind."

Nick tries to get Gabi to call the modeling agency. Nicole is having a pity party. Brady wants to show a video before the ceremony.

Kristen tells EJ that the flash drive has been destroyed. EJ tells Kristen that Eric is starting to remember.

Marlena tells Eric that she's praying Bristen don't make it to the altar. Marlena says Theresa is receptive to rehab.

Marlena asks Eric why he's so sad.

Sami sends a nicer text to Gabi. Sami leaves the club. Gabi is relieved with the nicer text from Sami. Nick gives Ari a gift.

Gabi calls about the modeling gig. Victor takes the computer geek to his office. Victor isn't happy with Brady being on a honeymoon for 3 mo

Eric won't talk to Marlena about what is bothering him. They hug. Dan wants to talk to Eric to prove Nicole didn't rape him.

EJ tells Kristen that Nicole is not going to let it go. Kristen tells EJ, "Sami's family loyalty changes as often as her nail polish."

EJ tells Kristen he can't turn a blind eye to what she did. He's afraid of losing Sami by lying.

Sami walks in during EJ and Kristen's argument asking if it is a bad time.

Gabi tells Nick that the modeling agency is really interested in her. Gabi has to leave to get the baby.

Gabi tells Nick not to tell anyone. Marlena wants to talk to Dan about the ethics committee. Dan leaves.

Marlena asks Nicole why she's at Dan's. Eric tells Dan he knows Nicole told him her version of the hotel incident.

Eric tells Dan not to be fooled by Nicole. Sami leaves Kristen and EJ alone.

Brady tells Victor not to go to the wedding if he doesn't want to. The geek gives Victor a dvd of the contents of the flash drive.

Nicole asks Marlena how Eric is doing. Nicole snaps at Marlena and tells her she didn't do anything.

Kristen basically dares EJ into telling Sami what she did.

Nicole tells Marlena that she cares for Eric, then kicks her out of the apartment. Eric doesn't want Dan's help.

Dan tells Eric that he's making a huge mistake, and he'll regret it. EJ lies and says he and Kristen are arguing about work.

Kristen leaves to get ready for the wedding. Sami wants EJ to spill Kristen's secrets. Brady gets dressed for the wedding.

Kristen pulls a gun out of her dresser. Victor watches the sex tape of Eric and Kristen. He's repulsed.

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