Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday's "Double Teamed" #Days Live Tweets

I loved Days of our Lives today.  Kim and Shane finally kiss! Eric finally strips off the priest clothes.  Wow.  Will and Sonny fight with Gabi over her modeling job. Abby learns Chad is not returning to Salem.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Theresa walks off in a huff. Kim follows her. Caroline talks to Shane. Tre tells Kim that Kim ruined her life.

Sami tells EJ she wants to keep her distance from him. He's practically in her personal space right now. lol

Will walks in on the Sonny/Gabi fight. She tells Will she has to move to NYC. Sonny tells him the baby is going with Gabi.

Nicole and Abe talk about Eric. Eric tells the bishop he should have told them sooner about his dream.

Theresa says things were fine with Kim until Tre started dating. Kim says she sees a lot of Kim in Tre. Tre says everything is about Kim.

EJ and Sami talk business. Gabi tries to sell her modeling gig to Will. Gabi says she can't live with them forever.

Abe asks Nicole to reach out to Eric. Eric tells the bishop that Kristen was seeking revenge on Marlena.

Loved your scenes together today! and

Theresa tells Kim that she's sorry. EJ tells Sami that he trusts her. Chad calls EJ. Wilson/Gabi arguing woke up the baby.

Sonny tells Gabi that he will tell the modeling agency about Melanie's kidnapping. Nicole's shirt is not flattering.

Abe asks Nicole if something happened between her and Eric. The Bishop tells Eric he could be defrocked.

The Bishop says it doesn't matter if they believe him, it is how it looks. Eric is suspended. Theresa thanks Kim for coming.

Gabi tells Sonny she'll tell the police about Chad beating up Nick. Sonny's not concerned. Abe leaves Nicole.

Eric leaves the rectory.

Caroline and Theresa leave Shane and Kim alone. They mention Pop Shawn. Kim tells Shane how much she loves him. *tears*

Kim and Shane kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxox

EJ meets with Abby. He tells her that Chad will not be returning to Salem. Will asks Gabi to model in Chicago.

Gabi says to Wilson that she's "not staying there to get double teamed." No chance of that happening. lol ;)

Sonny calls his dad. Will looks at the Gabi cake. Nicole thinks about Eric. She can't help him. Eric prays at the church.

Eric leaves his collar at the altar, and walks out of the church.

Kim and Shane say goodbye to Theresa. They leave hand in hand. Caroline escorts Theresa inside the Pub.

Justin told Sonny offscreen that Gabi's contract will look good to a judge. Sonny says they can say she's an unfit mother.

Sami stops by Wilson's to save the day. She sees the cake. She asks what is going on. Gabi calls someone at the Club.

Abby accuses EJ of knowing Chad's tumor lie. He admits it. Nicole is at the Square, and sees a very hot Eric in civilian clothes.

Eric needs to wear civilian clothes more often. I'm fanning myself right now. I could be faint....

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