Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday's "Cop Voice" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Kate, Sami and Gabi watch Nick being pulled underwater, Eric refuses to do an interview with Nicole, EJ taunts Eric, Victor and Nicole drink to each other, Brady chases a wrong lead on Kristen, Sami notices her earring is missing, and Gabi gets hugged for staying in Salem.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:


Gabi tries to talk Kami out of disposing Nick's body. Sami tells Gabi to "suck it up." Nick grabs Sami as they put him in the water.

Brady gets a call that Kristen is right under his nose. Eric is not happy that Nicole is using him to jump start her jouranalist career.

Nick gets carried underwater by the current. Brady agrees to meet the caller. Hope goes to EJ's to give him a search warrant.

Sonny tells Will that he told Sami that Will is planning on moving to NYC. Will wonders why Sami didn't come to him.

Gabi wants to rescue Nick. Kate stops her. Gabi yells, "it's murder."

Eric tells Nicole that she has no interest of doing anything good for him. He gets up and leaves. Brady is at the park.

Brady screens a call from Victor. Hope says to EJ "Kristen reminds me of you." Lucas brings a present for Ari.

Will updates Lucas on the latest news. Kate tells Gabi that Nick brought it on himself. Sami grabs Nick's backpack.

A part of the backpack is left on a bush. They fill up the backpack with rocks, and toss it in the river.

Sami wants Gabi to forget it. Will tells Lucas that he'll move to NYC. Brady meets the shady dude who wants money.

Hope watches Brady exchange money with the shady guy. Eric shows up at the DiMansion looking for Sami. EJ doesn't recognize Eric w/o collar.

Kami get Gabi to leave with them.

Nicole joins Victor for a drink. She tells him, "when it comes to being a real bastard, you haven't lost your touch."

The shady guy leaves. Hope asks Brady what is going on. Hope says she's using her "cop voice." He gives Hope the information.

Kate tells Gabi that she looked like the one out of control when she argued with Nick at the Square.

Gabi heads home. Kami decide to make it look like Nick moved to NYC. Nicole tells Victor that Eric was drugged.

Eric tells EJ that Maggie left Victor, and he will lose his priesthood. Brady busts open a door with homeless people there.

Sami tells Kate to check the flash drive that Nick gave her. Kami shake on doing this "for Will."

EJ asks Eric, "may I call you, Father?" EJ taunts Eric that being a good person that he didn't get what he deserved.

Eric leaves. Brady sees the woman is not Kristen. Sami asks EJ why there's police at the mansion. He asks where she's been.

EJ tells Sami that Eric was there "dressed up like one of us heathens." EJ points out that Sami is wearing the earrings he bought her.

Sami realizes one of her earrings is missing. Gabi comes home. Wilson notices she's looking strange. She says she has something to tell them

Druggie thinks she's Kristen. Hope takes her away. Brady grabs drugs. Victor calls Nicole, "a female Bob Cratchit."


Nicole tells Victor that she hates Eric. Eric tells God that he knows he's testing him. He walks into the Pub.

Hope texts Nick's phone. Kate answers. Sami's earring is on the shore by the river. Gabi tells Wilson she's not going to NYC.

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