Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday's "You Won" #Days Live Tweets

Wow.  Another amazing episode of Days of our Lives today.  Brady finally believes Eric, he's still mad at Marlena.  Nicole learns that Kristen drugged and raped Eric.  Gabi gets a modeling offer.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Kristen takes out her gun. Marlena walks into the DiMansion. Eric chokes Brady. JJ joins Sonny, T, and the baby at the Club.

JJ watches the baby. Casey tells Gabi that she's going to New York to live. Nick watches from the Pub's window.

Dan and Nicole discuss the Bristen wedding thinking everything went fine. Kristen pulls a gun on Marlena. Man, Eric is tough!

Unfortunately the Brady/Eric brawl was fully dressed.

Kristen cocks the gun.

Kristen puts the gun down, and taunts Marlena to shoot her. Didn't see that coming.

Casey tells Gabi she'll go global. Casey has me sold. Where do I sign up?

I'm really enjoying your stint on

: I'm really enjoying your stint on ” thank you 😊

Dan offers Nicole hot chocolate with him and Parker. Parker's ready to go. lol Roman breaks up Eric and Brady.

Brady tells Eric to tell Roman about sleeping with Kristen. Marlena grabs the gun and takes out the clip and takes the bullet out.

Kristen tells Marlena she hates Marlena more than Marlena hates her. Marlena asks if everything was about her (the affair).

Sonny tells T and JJ that he can't imagine not having Ari. Casey leaves. Dumbass Brady defends Kristen to Eric.

Kristen admits she made the rape tape to piss off Marlena then Brady wanted her back. Kristen wants Marlena 2 take responsibility 4 the tape

Nick talks to Gabi about the modeling gig. Sonny leaves to feed the baby. Rory offers weed to JJ. Dan & Nic at the Square.

Dan waves to Andrea the nurse, who runs away as fast as she can. Dan doesn't want to talk about Jenn.

Kristen tells Marlena that Eric had her pinned down. Marlena tells Kristen she hypnotized Eric.

Eric tells Roman, Hope, and Brady his story and how he accused Nicole.

Gabi tells Nick not to tell anyone about her job offer. Rory offers JJ weed and a hot tub. JJ turns him down. Dan and Parker leave.

Nicole stays at the Square. Eric wants to find Nicole. Roman tells him to get some rest first. Brady and Eric sort of apologize.

It's nice to see Roman comfort Eric, but I want to see him pissed off at Kristen. Eric gets on his knees and prays.

Marlena tells Kristen to change out of her gown because Brady is not coming back for her. Kristen knocks the diamond out of her ring.

Gabi picks up the baby. Sonny tells Gabi that Cameron is leaving the country. She's happy for him. It inspires her to take the job.

Roman asks Marlena why she played the video. He gets an emergency. Brady is giving Marlena a look that could kill.

Kristen finds her diamond on the floor. She flashes back to Brady proposing to her. She texts Brady to meet her at the proposal site.

Eric gets mad at God.

JJ comes home. He thinks about calling Dan. Parker says Jennifer's name. Brady tells Marlena, "you won." Then he leaves.

Hope tells Nicole that it was Kristen who raped Eric. Eric meets Kristen at the proposal spot. Show over. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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