Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday's "You Selfish Bitch" #Days Live Tweets

I was totally bored to death on today's episode of Days of our Lives.  What a waste of Kim and Shane!  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ tells Jenn that Kim and Shane are in town and want to talk to her. Kate, T, and Sonny at the Club. T is into Jordan.

Rafe and Jordan are at the lake. Will run into them. Gabi, Ari, and Nick at the Square. Gabi is thinking moving to NYC is a mistake.

Dan shows up at the hospital. Theresa says she'll go into a program. JJ leaves to go to school. Jenn wants to talk to Dan.

Caroline tries to talk sense into Theresa. Jenn talks to Dan about Eric/Kristen. T tells Kate that Jordan had a good time at the Club

Rafe introduces Jordan to Will. Will tells them that Jordan went out with Gabi. NIck talks to Gabi about work options.

I can't imagine a night out with Jordan, Gabi, and Abby could be crazy. zzzzzzz

Will shows up at the Club. T says he would have had sex drug free with Kristen. lol

Sonny already has a cake ready to go if Gabi takes the job. Jenn leaves. JJ was hiding so he can talk to Dan.

Shane gets a call. Theresa figures out that Jenn gets to vote if she stays or goes.

Will thinks Club TBD will change to Club T after T. Nick helps talk Gabi into taking the job. Gabi is afraid Will will fight for custody.

JJ tells Dan that Kim and Shane showed up. He was afraid they were going to kick his ass. lol

JJ tells Dan that he visited Thersa. Dan is not happy. Jenn shows up at the Pub.

Nick tells Gabi that he's happy for her as she leaves. Kate sees Rafe grab Jordan's hand. JJ doesn't like hiding info from Jenn.

I'm so bored with today. I don't feel like tweeting.

Theresa apologizes to Jenn for being a bitch. She asks for forgiveness.

Nick takes a job in NYC. Kate asks Jordan if that's the way she always work. Dan visits Rafe. Jenn asks Theresa to stay away from JJ.

Jenn leaves after trashing Theresa in front of her family. Kayla follows Jenn outside.

Since JJ has done the same things as Theresa, shouldn't Jenn have a little bit of sympathy for Theresa, Kim, and Shane?

Kate asks Jordan if she instigates intrigue about herself. Kayla and Jenn back at the hospital. Dan avoids Jenn.

Kim and Shane agree that Theresa can stay. They think she's hiding something on why she overdosed. Nick asks Will about Eric.

Will tells Nick that he changed his major to Creative Writing. Nick tells him to write an autobiography.

Sonny answers the phone for Gabi. He learns about New York. Sonny calls Gabi, "you selfish bitch."

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