Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday's "You Can Cry Tomorrow" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami, Kate and Gabi try to dispose of Nick's body while he's still alive, Nicole gets talked into interviewing Eric, Brady confronts EJ on Kristen's whereabouts, and Caroline lets Victor have it on ruining her grandson's life.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Gabi hits Nick in the head with a rock. Kate asks Gabi what she's done. Caroline calls Victor "you sonofabitch, how could you?"

Nicole meets with her boss for dinner. Eric starts snapping photos at the Square. Marlena tries to talk to him. She mentions Kristen.

Brady holds EJ up against a wall asking where Kristen is. Sami finds Kate, Gabi, and Nick. Nicole's boss asks if she's friends with Eric.

Marlena tells Eric that John is trying to investigate Kristen.

Sami doubts Gabi's story of self defense. She tries to leave. Kate grabs her arm. EJ is still insisting that Eric consented.

Brady tells EJ that Kristen is going down. Eric tells Marlena that he wants to be alone because he doesn't trust himself.

Eric tells Marlena that things will never be back to where they were before. Caroline attacks Victor for hurting Eric.

Nicole refuses to do a story on Eric. Kate tells Sami that Gabi was fighting with Nick about her not moving to NYC.

Gabi goes to Nick's body.

Nicole's boss says he doesn't want her to trash Eric. Victor is really pushing Caroline's buttons.

Victor: Men have been lying about sex since the Garden of Eden. lol

Kate tells Sami that Nick was manipulating Gabi. Sami has flashbacks of her conversations with Nick.

Sami asks Kate and Gabi, "what's the plan?"

Kate suggests the river is nearby. She tells Gabi to put the rock in Nick's backpack. Sami's glad that Nick is skinny. lol

Nicole decides to think about doing a story on Eric. Eric asks Marlena what God's will was in all of this. Eric leaves Marlena.

EJ offers info on how Kristen felt about Brady. Some creepy dude asks Kami and Gabi what they are doing.

The birdwatcher insists on escorting the ladies back to the Square. Caroline tells Victor that she doesn't know how Maggie lives with him.

Caroline figures out that Maggie left Victor. EJ tells Brady that Kristen loved him. EJ blames Brady for dumping Kristen for the rape.

Nicole finds Eric. He smiles. Sami claims they are out nocturnal bird watching. Gabi and the ladies find Nick's body missing. Whoops

Kate figures out that they were looking at the wrong spot. She finds Nick. Brady goes home. Victor tells him talking to EJ waste of time.

Brady sees Victor's drink lying on the table. Nicole tells Eric he needs 2 tell his side of the story. She takes out a recorder.

Kami search through Nick's pockets. Kate takes his cell. Eric thinks Nicole set him up a story. Brady gets a mysterious call about Kristen.

Gabi throws the rock in the river. She tries to talk Kami out of throwing Nick into the river. Sami tells her "You can cry tomorrow."

All 3 women try to put Nick in the river when he wakes up and grabs Sami. They all start screaming.

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