Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday's "Allergic to Kissing Your Ass" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was a bit dull with some bright moments.  EJ and Kate have more spark than Rafe and Jordan, EJ busts Kristen, and Nick finds out Gabi got a modeling offer.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Kristen has a nightmare that Eric figured out what she did to him. Nick calls a modeling agency and finds out they will sign Gabi.

Kate tells her p.i. to find out where Jordan came from. She joins Lucas for breakfast.He wants to know who she's snooping on.

Jordan tells herself that Jordan/Rafe can't happen. Ejami go at it in bed. Eric leaves a message with Father Matt. Brady comforts Kristen.

Kate denies snooping. Lucas isn't buying. Jordan assigns another therapist to take Rafe outside. Rafe's not happy.

Ej isn't happy that Sami hasn't accepted Kristen. Brady wants to take Kristen out for breakfast. Brady hints about a wedding gift.

Sonny asks Gabi about modeling. Gabi talks to the baby. Kate tells Lucas that she's getting info on Jordan.

Lucas tells Kate that Jordan is "allergic to kissing your ass." Rafe asks Jordan about her personal life. Bristen eat at the Square.

Bristen hope for children some day. Brady gives Kristen a 3 month trip itinerary. Sami tells EJ that Eric is a better person than her.

Eric says he wants to be transferred.

Does Days get better today? Getting kind of bored.

Lucas asks Kate whether or not she meant it when she dumped Rafe. Kate says Jordan didn't exist 7 years ago.

Rafe tells Jordan that their closeness last night scared them, and he won't push it. Brady tells Kristen that he wants to talk to Eric.

Kristen calls Dr. Chaka again. *rolls eyes*

Nick texts out loud to Gabi. Gabi texts to Nick out loud. That's not annoying at all.

Lucas teases Kate that he changed his name too like The Rock. lol Kate tells Lucas, "mommy is a big girl now. I can take care of myself."

Kristen is afraid Eric will figure out that she raped him while performing the ceremony. Eric invites the Bishop to the Bristen wedding.

Brady asks if Eric is still going to officiate the ceremony.

EJ tries to get into Kate's skin by bringing up Jordan. That was the hottest scene all day.

Gabi asks Rafe if he "busted a move" on Jordan. Who still talks like that?

Gabi thinks Rafe scared off Jordan. Jordan eavesdrops. Eric tells Brady that he will marry them. Eric is still pissed.

Kristen is flipping out and smacking things against the desk. I think Stefano should remove all expensive items from that room.

Dr. Chyka asks Kristen if Eric is trying to trap her.

Brady offers to help Eric with his Nicole problem. Eric refuses. Brady wants to talk like brothers.

Dr. Chyka offers to get another potion for Eric. She points to the door. EJ says, "happy wedding day, dear sister."

Sami asks Sonny if Gabi is back with Nick. Sonny tells her they hooked up. Nick sees Gabi at the Pub. He has a gift bag.

Gabi tells Nick that she got the strangest email. Jordan offers to take Rafe to the pier. We haven't seen the pier in years!

Brady asks Eric what Nicole did to him. EJ asks Kristen angrily, "how could you have sex with Father Eric?"

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  1. I think Nick is the one setting up this whole supposed gig for Gabi. He will get her away from Salem and hold her prisoner.