Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday's "Thrown You a Parade" #Days Live Tweets

Today's Days of our Lives has more fall out from the rape tape reveal.  Brady apologizes to Nicole.  Victor wants to throw a parade for Nicole.  Eric is in trouble with the church.  Kristen is on the run.  EJ is in trouble with Sami.  And Eric and Nicole finally come face to face.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ leaves a voice mail on Kristen's phone. Sami put the kids to bed. Nick talks to this mom on the phone. Will comes back home.

Eric is looking for Nicole at the rectory. He calls her. Her car is wrecked. She's unconscious.

Hope tells Brady and Victor that there was 2 cars in an accident. One was Kristen's.

EJ says Eric is lying about being drugged. Sami's not happy. Father Matt asks Eric, "what have you done?"

Brady wants to go w Hope 2 the accident scene. Nicole wakes up. Roman is there. Nicole wants 2 know "if that bitch is gone for good."

Wilson kiss. Gabi welcomes Will home. Gabi wants to leave to give Wilson some "alone time." Sonny says he likes her more and more.

Eric tells Father Matt that he was drugged. Eric reminds Father Matt that everything he told him about his hotel illness before.

Father Matt asks Eric if his previous guilty feelings were because he willing had sex with Kristen.

Roman tells Nicole to not discuss Kristen with the police. Brady and Hope at Kristen's car. The car is empty.

Wilson drink wine. Kissing and undressing on the couch. Eric swears he did not have willful sex with Kristen.

Eric tells Father Matt that he falsely accused Nicole of rape. Bishop White wants to meet with Eric tonight.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! EJ dropped the rape drug card on Sami from when she raped Austin. About time that got brought up.

Roman calls EJ 2 tell them that Kristen was in an accident. Sami wishes Kristen is dead. Hope finds fabric from Kristen's dress in the woods

Nicole tells EJ she drove after Kristen to keep her from running away. Brady says that Kristen deserved it.
Gabi tells Nick at the Square that she hasn't decided about joining the modeling agency. Gabi asks Nick what he wants to do with his life.

Victor gets a call about Kristen's accident. Brady apologizes for cutting Nicole out of his life. She tells him that he should be.

Nicole says she's sorry that she was right about the wedding. Everyone who saw the sex tape told the Bishop the sex was consensual.

Eric says he has no proof that he was drugged. Eric asks Father Matt if he believes him.

Hope tells EJami that Kristen fled the scene.

Wilson finish in bed. Will says he needs to go away more often. Will doesn't think he can make a living as a writer. Sonny cheers him on.

Father Matt tells Eric that he believes him. Eric leaves to find Nicole. Eric tells Matt, "thank you for having faith in me."

Nicole tells Roman what happened. Roman coaches her along. Nicole says she never meant for Kristen to get hurt.

Hope tells Ejami to go home. They cross paths with Brady. Sami tells them that now isn't the time. Ejami leave.

Wilson are dressed. Sonny tells Will things are great with Gabi and that Cameron left town. Gabi shows Nick a pic of the baby.

Victor tells Nicole that he called Justin to represent her. Roman says she's not getting charged. Roman tells her not to trust Victor.

Victor tells Nicole that he was the brain behind the clip. He tells her that Marlena didn't know that Eric was on the clip.

Victor tells Nicole he would have "thrown her a parade" if she successfully killed Kristen. Victor says they can "live happily ever after."

EJ leaves because of Johnny's nightmare. Sami rips up a newspaper article about Kristen's engagement, and burns it in the fireplace.

Sami checks a text on the phone.

Gabi returns to the apartment. Sonny finds Gabi's modeling contract. Eric and Nicole face to face in Roman's office. HOT!

Sami reads Kristen's text to EJ. Kristen's text thanks EJ for keeping her secret about Eric. Sami calls EJ a "son of a bitch."

The cops find a woman hiding in the woods.

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