Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday's "A Succubus" #Days Live Tweets

Here's the Days of our Lives episode we've been waiting for since July.  Kristen's worst nightmare comes true.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Eric changes the church's sign to list the Black/DiMera wedding. Sami wants EJ to spill on Kristen's secrets.

JJ overhears Jenn bitching once again about Theresa/Dan to Hope. Caroline gives food to Theresa. Caroline does not want Dan there.

Victor watches the Kristen/Eric tape. He calls Marlena with all the sex noises in the background. lol

Brady calls Kristen to tell her about the surprise. Kristen puts a gun in her purse. EJ tells Sami that Kristen "crossed the line."

Brady is about ready to leave the house. Victor is struggling to find the words.

Theresa tells Dan that Kim and Shane are on their way, Hope gets a call. Father Matt wants to talk to Eric. He's worried about him.

Brady finds his dvd. Victor says he's going to the wedding. EJ tells Sami that Bristen are going away after the wedding.

EJ claims he was fighting with Kristen over the long honeymoon. Stefano should be at this wedding. Kristen eavesdrops on Ejami.

Sami tells Kristen that she looks beautiful. I like the dress, not the headband. Sami leaves. EJ tells Kristen that he lied to Sami.

Eric talks to a student who is acting out in class. The student can learn sex ed if he goes to the Bristen wedding.

Father Matt tells Eric he's found his vocation. Brady gives the dvd to the a/v guy. Marlena is at the K-Mansion.

Dan talks to Theresa about the rumor about them. He has her promise to call if she remembers anything.

Kristen thanks EJ for not throwing her under the bus. The wedding flowers look fake. Sami, Eric, and Brady joke around in the church.

Victor tells Marlena about Brady's dvd. He asks her to switch it out. Marlena wants to watch it first.

Victor tells Marlena that the dvd shows "Kristen sweating up the sheets with another man." She wants to know who Kristen did.

EJ jokes that Eric was awake during the sex. Kristen says Chyka is going to poison Eric again. Caroline takes Theresa home.

Caroline leaves. Anne tells Theresa, that "I'm enough fun for the both of us." Anne tells Tre she still has her job.

JJ calls and finds out Theresa has been released. Sami searches for the ring. Brady has it all along. They reminiscence.

Victor tells Marlena it doesn't matter who Kristen is doing. He calls Kristen "a succubus." Victor confirms it wasn't Dan.

Marlena agrees to do it and leaves. Boy is Victor going to be in deep poop later.

EJ has no sympathy for Nicole. Kristen tells EJ that she has his back, and he has hers. Sami wants to drink champagne at the church.

Marlena sneaks into the church and switches the dvd's. She gets caught by the a/v dude. Anne sees Dan with Parker.

Anne starts trashing Dan in front of Parker. Theresa asks JJ how he found her place. Brady, Eric, Sami take a selfie.

Marlena claims she's giving the guy a new dvd from Brady. He asks Marlena to play the music and video. She leaves.

Marlena tries to leave, but she hears her kids, and hides.

The guests arrive at the church. Victor makes his entrance. Victor joins Marlena. He tells her to handle it.

Marlena gets the music going. Kristen walks down the aisle with EJ. JJ ask if Theresa is ok. She wants to nap.

Dan pulls Anne aside to tell her not to talk trash in front of Parker. She leaves. Kristen sees the big screen.

Eric calls for the music to be cut off. Marlena turns it off. Brady introduces the video. Sami turns out the lights.

Marlena can't get the video going. She plugs in the machine. Here we go! Kristen drops her flowers. Everyone is shocked.

I don't think anyone recognizes Eric as the man in the video with Kristen. Wait until tomorrow....

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