Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday's #Days "Go to Hell" "I'll Meet You at the Gate." Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Victor slings one liners like they are hamburgers, Nicole refuses to help Eric, Nicole and Daniel kiss, EJ gives creepy advice to Abby, and Wilson want to deal with Gabi without Sami. You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ admits he knew Chad was faking his tumor to Abby. He tells Abby that Chad did have qualms about it, but encouraged him anyway.

Will doesn't want to tell Sami what the deal is with Gabi. T joins Gabi at the Pub. Maggie walks into Dan's office.

Maggie doesn't want to meet Victor. Marlena asks Victor, "how could you publicly destroy my son?"

Nicole sees hot Eric. She asks if he's still a priest. Will tells his mommy that Gabi's modeling job is in NYC. EJ says he wanted Chad happy

Abby figures out that EJ blackmailed Chad into living in the DiMansion. Dan tells Maggie to come home with him.

Holy shit. Marlena slaps Victor!

Eric tells Nicole he has been suspended until Kristen is found.

EJ pleads Chad's case to Abby. Does EJ really think he can change Abby's mind on this? I'm totally rolling my eyes.

Wilson tell Sami that Gabi wants to move to NYC with the baby. Dan and Maggie eat at his place. She thinks Victor is happy.

Victor tells Marlena after being slapped, "I can't remember the last time that happened. It makes me feel young." lol

Marlena is not amused with Victor's banter.

EJ needs to bend Abby over his knee and give her a good spanking. Or he could spank me. Whichever.

I don't think EJ is learning that women don't like being lied to.

Will asks Sami to stay out of the Gabi situation. Sami wants to know what Will's plan is. His plan is to not get in Gabi's face.

Maggie leaves Dan's. Anne is at his door. She tells him that he's been summoned by the disciplinary committee.

Marlena says, "you sacrificed my son." Victor says, "I don't give a damn."

Eric tells Abe and Nicole that he moved in above the Pub. Eric gets a call. Abe thanks Nicole for being a friend to Eric.

Will brings Ari into the living room. T will work for Sonny. Sonny leaves. Anne points out the witness list to Dan including Jenn.

Maggie walks in and eavesdrops on Marlena and Victor's argument. Marlena tells him to "go to Hell." Victor says, "I'll meet u at the gate."

Eric returns. Abe takes a call. Eric tries to talk to Nicole. He apologizes again. She says she's moving on. Bad timing Nicole.

Dan slams the door on Anne. Abby shows up at Wilson's apartment. Abby tells Ari how lucky she is. Ejami run into each other at the Club.

Sami tries to ignore EJ. He asks what's wrong. Sonny apologizes to Gabi at the Pub. Victor tells Maggie that Marlena made a deal she regrets

Maggie tells Victor that Eric was drugged. Victor insists Eric was enjoying himself. Dan starts throwing things. Nicole walks in.

Abe tells Eric that the trail has gone cold looking for Kristen.

EJ figures out there is something else bothering Sami. Sonny apologizes and doesn't want to fight with Gabi anymore.

Sonny asks who is helping Gabi decide. She says just her. Gabi asks how Will is doing. Sonny shoots her a look.

Nicole wants to help Dan. Victor tells Maggie that he loves her, and he is the man she married. He says she'll "come to her senses."

Marlena meets with Eric. He tells her the news of his suspension. He says he'll be defrocked if Kristen isn't found.

You would think Kristen being on the run would be proof that she's guilty, and not Eric.

Abby rethinks what EJ says about, "a man who doesn't push boundaries for the woman he loves isn't worth having."

Sami refuses to tell EJ what is bothering her, and leaves. Sonny comes home. Will says he can't lose Ari. Sami sees Gabi at the Pub.

Maggie tells Victor that their marriage is over, and leaves. Marlena offers for Eric to stay with her. He refuses. She says she loves him.

Eric gets upset and leaves. Nicole kisses Dan on the cheek. Then on the lips. Nicole, he's going to hurt you again.


  1. Love Victor's banter even though he's being an ASS! Thanks Diva, Love the fun tweets.