Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday's "Mexican Chocolate Chip Cookies" #Days Tweets

Someone on the Days of our Lives writing staff must be pregnant with weird food cravings.  Last week, we had chocolate chip pancakes with or without broccoli, and today Rafe and Jordan were eating Mexican chocolate chip cookies.  Jenn continues to be a total control freak.  I have no idea why Daniel is upset that they are broken up.  Marlena jumps to conclusions that Daniel slept with Kristen.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ and Dan in his office, Jenn barges in. Jenn asks JJ why he's there. Kate finds Rafe's room empty. Maxine asks what her problem is.

Jordan and Rafe outside of the Square. Rafe wants to hang out as friends. Kristen goes to Dan's, Nicole answers the door.

Marlena says, "I can't believe that bitch did this" while watching the flash drive.

Hope talks to Eric at the hospital. They gossip about Dannifer. Dan tells Jenn that JJ was popping off to him. JJ leaves.

Brady shows up at Dan's too. Kristen thinks Eric thinks Nicole was the one who attacked him. Kristen put a virus on the hard drive.

Maxine says Jordan "grows on you." Kate says, "so does flesh eating bacteria."

Jordan and Rafe talk football. Nothing turns a guy on more than girl who knows football. Trust the Diva on this one.

Brady is mad that Dan slept with Theresa. Nicole tells Brady to tell Kristen, "that Nicole says: shut the hell up."

Nicole almost spills the beans to Bristen about what Eric accused her of. She kicks them out.

Apparently, Daniel's place is not a good place to get some peace and quiet.

Jordan knows more about football than Rafe. Rafe won't share his Mexican chocolate chip cookies with Jordan. She actually ate one.

Jenn wants to know when Dan started sleeping with Theresa. Jenn wants to know if he really wanted to hurt her that much.

I bet at this point Daniel wishes he really did sleep with Theresa.

Brady asks Kristen why she was at Dan's. Eric knocks on Dan's door. Marlena runs to Victor's house. She shows him the drive.

Marlena tells Victor that there's a file on the flash drive.

So Jenn thinks she's entitled to control Dan's personal life because she dumped him for her son.

Jenn leaves crying. Dan should be happy to be rid of Jenn and her nosy family.

Eric says he's not there to judge Dan. Nicole has a few things to say to Eric.

Rafe and Jordan head back to the hospital. JJ sneaks back into Dan's office. JJ thanks Dan. He says he was wrong about Dan.

Eric doubles down on accusing Nicole of rape. She says she can seduce him without drugs. You go girl!

Nicole tells Eric that she told Dan. She says that Dan believes her. She doesn't "give a damn" what Eric thinks anymore.

Victor says the file on the flash drive is a video file. Marlena stops him to tell him something.

Jordan leaves Hope and Rafe in his room. Hope asks if he thinks Kate is supportive because she feels guilty.

Kate catches Jordan smiling over her Rafe memories. Eric throws more sins in Nicole's face. Nicole throws a drink at Eric.

JJ tells Dan that he's letting JJ off too easy. JJ admits to everything he did to Dan. He apologizes. JJ asks why Dan's saving his life.

Bristen console Jenn. Jenn's happy they are getting married. Marlena thinks Dan is the man with Kristen because Kristen says they are close.

Marlena tells Victor that Dan had the flash drive. Marlena wants to not watch it in case it is Dan, Victor says they must for Brady.

Rafe tells Hope that Kate is different without Stefano. Rafe says that Rate are better off as friends. Hope says Rafe likes Jordan.

Kate gets a call saying "Jordan Ridgeway" didn't exist up until a certain amount of time. Eric asks how Nicole could do it to him.

Dan tells JJ to stay away from Theresa and Dan. Dan says JJ is on his own if he messes with drugs again. They shake on it.

Jenn tells Bristen that she can go on without Dan. Doesn't seem that way. Brady says he feels like the luckiest man on the planet.

Kristen tells her drug doctor that Eric remembers what happened to him, but not with who.

Victor and Marlena try to open the file.

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  1. Agreed about Jennifer! I would love to see her reaction to Peter returning to Salem! The writers should have him return to Salem stat!