Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday's "Got Reaquainted With My Integrity" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Kim and Shane participate in an intervention with Theresa.  Gabi tries to use Justin to find out information on a potential custody battle with Will.  EJ is totally unrepentant about not telling Sami that Kristen raped Eric.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Will doesn't understand why Gabi won't take the modeling gig. JJ tries to stop Jenn from seeing something. Theresa and Caroline at the Pub.

Kim and Shane meet Theresa at the Pub. Theresa wants to know what is going on. JJ shows Jenn his guitar. She's happy he's playing.

Shane and Kim hug their daughter. Intervention time. Roman, Kayla and Hope are there too.,

Will thinks Gabi will miss Ari if she goes back to modeling. Johnny and Harold play with light sabers. Sami asks where EJ is.

EJ wants to take over DiMera Enterprises again. Justin will not work with EJ again. Seriously, Justin's lucky he's still alive.

Kim and Shane want to figure out if Theresa should go to AA in Salem or in LA. Theresa doesn't want to go back.

Will finds out what happened to Eric by a text. He leaves. Johnny is beating the crap out of Sami with the light saber. lol

Johnny tells Sami that EJ is meeting with Justin. Justin reminds EJ all the negatives that happened the last time.

Justin says he "got reacquainted with my integrity." Jenn says she's happy to have her son back. JJ asks if working w Dan is hard for Jenn.

Kayla tells Theresa she can still lose her job. Shane wants to talk to Theresa outside. Shane says Tre won't divide Kim and Shane.

EJ is home. Sami is fuming. EJ just wants to get past the Kristen thing. Will shows up at the DiMansion. Justin looks at Gabi's contract.

Justin agrees to client/attorney privilege. Kim tells Caroline that Caroline's wish that Kim have a daughter like Kim came true.

Theresa tries to blame her problems on Shane. Shane and Kim leave.

Justin tells Gabi that she has to move to New York. Will knows what happened at the church. Karin apologizes to Jenn.

JJ plays guitar. Kim and Shane show up at Jenn's, looking for Jenn. They introduce themselves to JJ.

Caroline talks Theresa into going inside. Tre blames Jenn for possibly losing her job. JJ leaves after being freaked out by meeting K&S.

Justin wants Gabi to be honest with Will. Justin thinks that Gabi is using him in case there's a custody fight with Will.

Justin gets up and leaves Gabi. Just noticed that Sami is wearing leather pants. EJ asks Sami why she didn't tell Eric that EJ knew.

JJ tells Jenn at the hospital that Kim and Shane want to talk to her. Hope and Roman get a tip on Kristen's whereabouts.

Theresa waits for Kim and Shane's decision.

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