Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday's "Family First" #Days Live Tweets

There was almost too much going on with Days of our Lives today.  Brady/Kristen, Eric/Marlena and Maggie/Victor should be on today's episode.  I didn't think the Gabi/Rafe/Abby stuff was necessary, it made the other necessary scenes too small.  It was almost a dull distraction.  John Aniston, once again, totally kills it.  Victor has me convinced he's right. lol You should follow me on twitter.   Here are today's live tweets:

Brady yells at Kristen, and asks, "why did you sleep with my brother?" Victor puts the dvd on his desk. Maggie is waiting for him.
 (It was the Brady-made Kristen DVD, not the sex tape one.)

T is working for Chad. Abby tells T that Chabby is over. T immediately hits on Abby. Gabi and Ari visit Rafe. Rafe notices she's happy

Kate overhears Nick talking on the phone about moving to New York. Eric asks Marlena, "why?" Kristen confirms an affair with Eric.

Eric asks why Marlena showed a porn video in church. Kristen claims Eric seduced her. She is so going to Hell.

T "feels a vibe" from Abby. Jordan takes a mysterious phone call. Abby doesn't want to tell Rafe her good news.

Gabi asks Rafe about his "other friend" Kate. Nick gives Kate another work project. Nick asks about Will. Kate asks why.

Victor has no remorse for what he did to Eric. Eric lashes out at Marlena. Marlena says there was no time to watch it.

Brady is not buying Kristen's story.

Brady tells Kristen to go ahead and convince him. OMG...she claims Eric has done this before, so she taped the affair.

Brady still doesn't buy it. Kate tells Nick, that she's, "not the forgiving kind." Rafe tells Gabi that things are over with Kate.

Ari does not like Uncle Rafe. Abby lets T down easy. T hops on the bar, and swings his legs over. lol Marlena tells Eric the story.

Marlena says there was no time to show the video before the wedding. She says she wouldn't have shown it if she knew he was on it.

Kristen tells Brady how she tried to get away from Eric with the scholarship committee and the pre-cana counseling.

Kristen tries to kiss Brady. He pushes her away. Brady says she looked guilty at the reveal, Eric looked sick.

Eric tells Marlena that he falsely accused Nicole of raping him. What he did is as bad as what Marlena did to him.

T offers to babysit for Gabi. Nick talks to Abby about breaking up with Chad. Abby tells Nick that Cameron is leaving town too.

Kristen tells Brady that Eric didn't look drugged in the tape. Kristen asks Brady to watch the video again. He leaves.

Marlena leaves the church. Eric breaks down and cries.

Eric is looking at a statute of Mary and baby Jesus. Eric watches the tape. Kate visits Rafe. She tells him Nick might move on.

Abby and Jordan diss men. Maggie tells Victor that he stabbed Marlena in the back. Kristen fixes herself a drink.

Brady shows up at the church. He asks Eric if he seduced Kristen.

Casey McGraw (Kyle Richards in a cameo) meets with Gabi at the Pub. Casey wants to sign Gabi today.

Abby tells Jordan to stay away from the hospital food. Victor tells Maggie that he was the only one who knew it was Eric/Kristen.

Victor insists he needed to out Kristen publicly in order for Brady to get it. Maggie's more concerned with Marlena than Bristen.

Brady tells Eric that Eric was enjoying watching the video again. Brady and Eric trade punches. Kristen starts flipping out.

Marlena shows up at the DiMansion. Kristen pulls out her gun.

Casey tells Gabi her first photo shoot will be in Salem, then she'll have to move to NYC. Kate leaves when Jordan shows up.

Victor tells Maggie that it's "family first." He tells her to "take a hike right now" if she doesn't get that rule. She leaves.

Marlena walks in the door. Eric chokes Brady.

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