Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday's #Days "Get Over Yourself" Live Tweets

Today's Days of our Lives episodes were about women who claim to be over men, but are not.  Also, everyone conspires to keep Baby Ari in Salem.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe finishes PT. Rafe stands up. Hope meets with Nick at the Club. He tells her he is leaving for NYC today.

Kate goes to Wilson's apartment. Ari's 6 months old today. Kate notices that Wilson is somber. Sami runs into Gabi at the park.

Dichole kiss. Dan moves in for seconds. Eric is at the Pub. Jenn wants to talk to him about Kristen. Nicole puts the brakes on Dan.

Jenn notices that people are gossiping at the Pub towards Eric. Sami wants 5 minutes of Gabi's time.

Rafe and Jordan get close when Rafe falls into her arms. Sonny tells Kate their Gabi problem. Sami tells Gabi that she'll work too much.

Gabi tells Sami that she and the baby will be set for life if she takes the job. Sami offers Gabi a contract with Countess Wilhelmina

Nicole says Dan is still hung up Jenn. Dan brings up Eric. Nicole says her feelings for Eric are "dead and buried."

Jenn brings Eric to her place. She tells him that she believes him. She needs to tell him something about Kristen.

Rafe goes back to his wheelchair. Rafe asks if he'll be able to walk again. Gabi isn't interested in working for Sami.

Sami then asks Gabi to leave Ari with Will. Gabi lets it slip that Ari is part of the deal. Kate figures out that Nick is behind it.

Kate leaves. Nick hugs Hope goodbye. Nicole tells Dan she starts her new job tomorrow. Dan asks for no exposes on him. lol

Jenn tells Eric that Kristen told her that she had an affair and thought she was pregnant. Jenn feels bad that she protected Kristen.

Kate calls Nick a "sonofabitch." Gabi admits the agency wants Ari in photo shoots. Sami nicely asks Gabi to consider her offer. She agrees.

Sonny worries that Will will do something irrational like kidnapping. Jordan tells Rafe she thinks he'll be back to normal.

Nicole tells Dan that Eric was suspended. Hope calls Eric and says she has news about Kristen, and needs to see him.

Dan says he's a distraction from Eric for Nicole. Dan tells her he can't turn his back on Eric. Nicole can't be there for Eric.

Kate calls Nick "a lying little snake." Nick calls Kate,"fake." Gabi talks to Rafe about the job. Rafe asks how Will took the news.

Will says he'll look for a job in NYC too.

Sami talks about "dealing with the Devil" to stop Gabi. Nick gives Kate a flash drive of his latest project. Kate gets a text from Sami

Rafe supports Gabi's move 2 NYC. Nicole is at the rectory Eric walks in. Dan apologizes 2 Jenn 4 having to witness the disciplinary hearing

Jenn tells Dan "to get over yourself." Sonny tells Will that he can't move to NY. meet up.

Jenn claims she feels nothing at all for Dan. A lot of women in denial today in Salem.

Nicole tells Eric, goodbye. She walks out, Hope walks in. Rafe shares Gabi's news with Jordan. Sonny tells Will he is NOT a bartender.

Will tells Sonny to not to make him choose between Sonny and Ari. Kate tells Sami that Nick is moving to NYC with Gabi.

Gabi tells Nick that she's not going to New York.

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