Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's "A Complete Nutjob" #Days Live Tweets

On Friday's episode of Days of our Lives, fall out from the Kristen/Eric sex tape.  Cameron leaves town.  Nicole bonds with Daniel and Parker.  Rafe and Jordan chat.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Brady gives his speech before the dvd. Sami turns off the lights. Marlena struggles to play it. The dvd plays with Kristen and Eric doing it

Marlena sneaks a peek and is shocked at what she sees. Parker and Dan plan a game night. Abby says hello. Cameron gets a call.

Cameron and Jordan talk. Rafe pumps iron. Nicole visits him. Nicole says she's done crying.

Damn, Father Eric is bossy in bed. I'm surprised the video is still playing. Brady yells for it to be turned off.

Marlena asks, "what have I done?" Well you just embarrassed your son in front of an entire church.

Marlena is revealed as the one playing the dvd in "Wizard of Oz" fashion. Marlena says, "pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain."

OK, I made that part up. Everyone is shocked that Marlena showed the dvd. Kristen is furious.

Epic that John Black and Stefano aren't at this trainwreck wedding. Other than that, it's awesome.

Kristen takes after Marlena. Marlena denies knowing. Kristen lies that actors were in the video. Eric is trying to figure it out.

More awesome eye acting from with Eric's look towards Marlena.

Abby no longer wants to babysit Parker. Jordan talks herself into thinking Rafe is just a patient. Too bad Nic isn't at the wedding.

Nicole tells Rafe that Eric hates her. Sami is worried about Eric. Marlena goes to Eric. Kristen yells, "u won't destroy my perfect day."

Eric tells Kristen, "it was you."

EJ tries to calm down Eric. Eric talks about his dream. EJ tries to shut him up. Victor jumps in to talk for Brady.

Marlena says she didn't know the man was Eric. Sami says the video is fake. Victor calls Kristen a tramp. Victor wants to play it again. lol

Abby rips into Dan for sleeping with Theresa. He says he didn't want to hurt Jenn. She leaves. Rafe wants to know what happened with Ericole

Nicole tells Rafe she can't forgive Eric. Sami agrees with Victor to watch the tape again. Marlena says Victor knew.

OMG..Victor is playing it again. Everyone watches. That's hilarious.

Abby tells Cameron that Chad's surgery went well in Boston. Rafe does PT. Jordan tells him that she knows he has a lot of female friends.

Nicole, Dan, and Parker at Dan's place. Dan asks her to stay.

Everyone is watching the Kristen/Eric sex tape with a look of nausea on their faces except Victor.

Eric says to Kristen, "you drugged me, how could you do this to me?" Brady punches him.

Brady and Eric are separated. Jenn shoots Kristen a nasty look. Kristen tries to leave. Victor says, "keep going, don't look back."

Kristen leaves. Dan tells Nicole to stay for game night. Rafe and Jordan at the Square. Brady looks for Kristen. Eric bleeds.

Sami wants to talk to EJ and stops him from going to Kristen.

Cameron is joining "Doctors Without Borders" in East Africa. Abby congratulates him. Abby leaves.

Rafe tells Jordan why he quit the FBI. Ejami are at the park. Sami says Kristen is "a complete nutjob."

EJ says the sex was consensual. Sami says Kristen had to have help to pull it off. Maggie tells Victor he never looked surprised.

Victor puts the dvd in his pocket. Hope wants Eric to go back to the rectory. Eric orders everyone out of the church.

Kristen is at the DiMansion. She gets herself a drink. Brady is there. Oh, he's pissed.

Dan, Nicole, and Parker enjoy game night. Jordan pushes Rafe out of the Square. Sami blames Eric's rape on Stefano.

Sami says Kristen is 100% behind this. EJ consoles Sami. Sami gets a text. Sami says they have to go.

Marlena tries to console Eric. Kristen runs from Brady. He grabs her and says, "why did you sleep with my brother?"

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  1. Great episode...Though I'm sure the writers intend the audience to empathize with the characters, Eric, Marlena or Brady, this audience member and longtime fan feels badly for the character that is Kristen. Frankly, I love Kristen's moxie, sophistication, great one liners (on a past episode, Sami's sarcastically says, 'Kristen, are you going to bake me a cake with a file in it? and to which Kristen replies, "No, Sami, I don't bake...") and her admitted flaws. Frankly, Eileen Davidson is "The Best" and plays, in my opinion, the only refreshing character on the show; the others, i.e., Rafe, Dr. Jonas, Marlena, Jennifer, etc., are painted so sickeningly, sugary-saccharine sweet as to fail to resonate with this audience member (the characters, Rafe and Roman are particularly grating; they're like watching paint dry!). Now that Kristen will be leaving, is there any reason to keep watching Days? None of the other storylines are holding my attention; i.e., how is Rafe still relevant? Sami screaming again about what? Does anyone care anymore about this character's hysterics? Victor without a good protagonist to go against is just a grumpy old granddad. I guess that just leaves Kate and we hope the writers do not dilute this once strong character...