Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Diva's Lauren Koslow Interview at Day of #Days

Thanks to Carrie Garfield and Cheri Henry for their interview with Days of our Lives actress, Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts.)


  1. Here is an Amazingly brilliant old school actress; i.e.. always looks fabulous, flawless hair and makeup and equisite wardrobe. Ms. Koslow's interview presentation is candid, intelligent and entertaining. The same can be said of the amazing Deidre Hall and Susanne Rogers. I also enjoy Arianne Zucker and Kristian Alfonso's interviews! Ingenues/younger actresses: please take note from these leading luminaries and learn from them as to how to comport yourselves!

    1. ICAM! There's more interviews on the way. Hopefully, we'll get more up tomorrow.