Saturday, November 30, 2013

Diva's 156th #Days Blogtalkradio Archive Ready

The Diva of Days of our Lives 156th Blogtalkradio show archive is ready for playback/download.

Diva's 156th #Days Blogtalkradio Show Tonight!

Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our weekly Days blogtalkradio show Saturday night at 10 pm est.  This week's topics include:  new love interests for Lucas and Abby, Sami, Kate, and Gabi deal with Nick's murder, EJ taunts Eric, Victor and Nicole celebrate each others' successes, and the never ending Jennifer/Daniel saga.

Friday, November 29, 2013

#Days Video Promo for Dec 2nd

This week's Days of our Lives promo features Gabi, Kate, and Sami.

Jade Harlow Joins #Days, Updated

Jason47 posted on Daytime Royalty the actress that is allegedly to be paired with Bryan Dattilo's Lucas.  Jade Harlow currently plays Lianna on "The Bay" and played Jessica on "Passions"

Jade recently joined twitter.  You can follow her here.

Update:  Jade has denied the rumor on twitter:

Just rumors. Lauren Koslow & I share a manager & most everyone else from I have met through the .

Simmer down now right now I'm only working on "The Bay" & focused on that. by the luv though

Thursday, November 28, 2013

#Days Spoiler Pics for Dec 2nd

You can find the Days of our Lives spoiler pics for the week of December 2nd here.

SON Interview with Berris, Banus, Koslow, Sweeney

Soap Opera Network interviewed Days of our Lives actors, Blake Berris, Camila Banus, Lauren Koslow, and Alison Sweeney about the scenes that aired this past week.  You can read it here.

"The Bay" Interviews with Ashford, Ivens, Andrews

In the second series of "The Bay" interviews, actors Matthew Ashford (Steve Jensen), Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett), and Terri Ivens (Orchid).

Matthew Ashford

Kristos Andrews 

Terri Ivens

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday's "Cop Voice" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Kate, Sami and Gabi watch Nick being pulled underwater, Eric refuses to do an interview with Nicole, EJ taunts Eric, Victor and Nicole drink to each other, Brady chases a wrong lead on Kristen, Sami notices her earring is missing, and Gabi gets hugged for staying in Salem.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:


Gabi tries to talk Kami out of disposing Nick's body. Sami tells Gabi to "suck it up." Nick grabs Sami as they put him in the water.

Brady gets a call that Kristen is right under his nose. Eric is not happy that Nicole is using him to jump start her jouranalist career.

Nick gets carried underwater by the current. Brady agrees to meet the caller. Hope goes to EJ's to give him a search warrant.

Sonny tells Will that he told Sami that Will is planning on moving to NYC. Will wonders why Sami didn't come to him.

Gabi wants to rescue Nick. Kate stops her. Gabi yells, "it's murder."

Eric tells Nicole that she has no interest of doing anything good for him. He gets up and leaves. Brady is at the park.

Brady screens a call from Victor. Hope says to EJ "Kristen reminds me of you." Lucas brings a present for Ari.

Will updates Lucas on the latest news. Kate tells Gabi that Nick brought it on himself. Sami grabs Nick's backpack.

A part of the backpack is left on a bush. They fill up the backpack with rocks, and toss it in the river.

Sami wants Gabi to forget it. Will tells Lucas that he'll move to NYC. Brady meets the shady dude who wants money.

Hope watches Brady exchange money with the shady guy. Eric shows up at the DiMansion looking for Sami. EJ doesn't recognize Eric w/o collar.

Kami get Gabi to leave with them.

Nicole joins Victor for a drink. She tells him, "when it comes to being a real bastard, you haven't lost your touch."

The shady guy leaves. Hope asks Brady what is going on. Hope says she's using her "cop voice." He gives Hope the information.

Kate tells Gabi that she looked like the one out of control when she argued with Nick at the Square.

Gabi heads home. Kami decide to make it look like Nick moved to NYC. Nicole tells Victor that Eric was drugged.

Eric tells EJ that Maggie left Victor, and he will lose his priesthood. Brady busts open a door with homeless people there.

Sami tells Kate to check the flash drive that Nick gave her. Kami shake on doing this "for Will."

EJ asks Eric, "may I call you, Father?" EJ taunts Eric that being a good person that he didn't get what he deserved.

Eric leaves. Brady sees the woman is not Kristen. Sami asks EJ why there's police at the mansion. He asks where she's been.

EJ tells Sami that Eric was there "dressed up like one of us heathens." EJ points out that Sami is wearing the earrings he bought her.

Sami realizes one of her earrings is missing. Gabi comes home. Wilson notices she's looking strange. She says she has something to tell them

Druggie thinks she's Kristen. Hope takes her away. Brady grabs drugs. Victor calls Nicole, "a female Bob Cratchit."


Nicole tells Victor that she hates Eric. Eric tells God that he knows he's testing him. He walks into the Pub.

Hope texts Nick's phone. Kate answers. Sami's earring is on the shore by the river. Gabi tells Wilson she's not going to NYC.

New Man for #Days' Abby?

According to, Abby Deveraux (Kate Mansi) will get a new man who is already on the show.  My bet is on T.  You can read the full article here.

#Days Dec 9th National Enquirer Spoilers

Days of our Lives spoilers for the week of December 9th from the National Enquirer courtesy of Rogue Ejami:

National Enquirer
* EJ and Sami finally have it out over the state of their relationship
* JJ decides to come clean with Jennifer
* An unsuspecting Kate is gut punched by Rafe's words
* Sami, Kate and Gabi fear that someone may have uncovered their secret
* JJ's errand for Theresa runs into some major difficulties.
Please credit Rogue EJami :-)

Finally a Love Interest for #Days's Lucas?

Jason47 posted a casting spoiler on Daytime Royalty about a female character who will be spending a lot of time with Bryan Dattilo's Lucas on Days of our Lives.  The actress cast, according to Jason, is from the canceled soap, Passions.  You can read his spoiler here.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#Days Live Tweets with Lauren Koslow on Wednesday!

Days of our Lives actress, Lauren Koslow (Kate) will be live tweeting during the show on Wednesday.  Lauren tweeted:

Join me tomorrow! tweeting! Tweet me your version of Kate's "text" to Hope and win a Follow ..Remember to tag &'s #Days Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian Interview interviewed Days of our Lives actors Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian about a possible return to Dichole.  You can read the interview here.

Tuesday's "You Can Cry Tomorrow" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Sami, Kate and Gabi try to dispose of Nick's body while he's still alive, Nicole gets talked into interviewing Eric, Brady confronts EJ on Kristen's whereabouts, and Caroline lets Victor have it on ruining her grandson's life.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Gabi hits Nick in the head with a rock. Kate asks Gabi what she's done. Caroline calls Victor "you sonofabitch, how could you?"

Nicole meets with her boss for dinner. Eric starts snapping photos at the Square. Marlena tries to talk to him. She mentions Kristen.

Brady holds EJ up against a wall asking where Kristen is. Sami finds Kate, Gabi, and Nick. Nicole's boss asks if she's friends with Eric.

Marlena tells Eric that John is trying to investigate Kristen.

Sami doubts Gabi's story of self defense. She tries to leave. Kate grabs her arm. EJ is still insisting that Eric consented.

Brady tells EJ that Kristen is going down. Eric tells Marlena that he wants to be alone because he doesn't trust himself.

Eric tells Marlena that things will never be back to where they were before. Caroline attacks Victor for hurting Eric.

Nicole refuses to do a story on Eric. Kate tells Sami that Gabi was fighting with Nick about her not moving to NYC.

Gabi goes to Nick's body.

Nicole's boss says he doesn't want her to trash Eric. Victor is really pushing Caroline's buttons.

Victor: Men have been lying about sex since the Garden of Eden. lol

Kate tells Sami that Nick was manipulating Gabi. Sami has flashbacks of her conversations with Nick.

Sami asks Kate and Gabi, "what's the plan?"

Kate suggests the river is nearby. She tells Gabi to put the rock in Nick's backpack. Sami's glad that Nick is skinny. lol

Nicole decides to think about doing a story on Eric. Eric asks Marlena what God's will was in all of this. Eric leaves Marlena.

EJ offers info on how Kristen felt about Brady. Some creepy dude asks Kami and Gabi what they are doing.

The birdwatcher insists on escorting the ladies back to the Square. Caroline tells Victor that she doesn't know how Maggie lives with him.

Caroline figures out that Maggie left Victor. EJ tells Brady that Kristen loved him. EJ blames Brady for dumping Kristen for the rape.

Nicole finds Eric. He smiles. Sami claims they are out nocturnal bird watching. Gabi and the ladies find Nick's body missing. Whoops

Kate figures out that they were looking at the wrong spot. She finds Nick. Brady goes home. Victor tells him talking to EJ waste of time.

Brady sees Victor's drink lying on the table. Nicole tells Eric he needs 2 tell his side of the story. She takes out a recorder.

Kami search through Nick's pockets. Kate takes his cell. Eric thinks Nicole set him up a story. Brady gets a mysterious call about Kristen.

Gabi throws the rock in the river. She tries to talk Kami out of throwing Nick into the river. Sami tells her "You can cry tomorrow."

All 3 women try to put Nick in the river when he wakes up and grabs Sami. They all start screaming. #Days Comings & Goings posted their Days of our Lives comings and goings for November 26th.  We finally get an answer on the Kristen lookalike.  You can read it here.

Monday, November 25, 2013

"The Bay" Interviews Rogers, Harlow, and Melgar

Webseries, "The Bay" interviewed three of their actors about the upcoming season of the show starting on December 5th. 

Tristan Rogers

Jade Harlow

Lilly Melgar

Monday's Willow Stark Memorial Rock #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, Nick falls victim to the Willow Stark Memorial Rock, Jenn proves that she's over Daniel by not wanting to ever be in a room with him, Sami and Kate try to stop Nabi from leaving to New York City, Wilson make up, and JJ tries to make things right for Daniel.  In case you forgot, Nick was arguing with pregnant teen prostitute Willow Stark at the lake when she fell and hit her head on a rock killing her instantly.  Irony.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jenn tells Dan that he means nothing to her. Theresa wants to talk to Dan. JJ tells Abby that he is helping Jenn decorate for Thanksgiving.

Kate tells Sami that Nick is moving to NYC with Gabi. Gabi tells Nick that she's not moving to NYC. He told her that she can't do that.

Theresa tells Dan she doesn't remember anything. Jenn eavesdrops on them. Tre wants Maggie to help her. Jenn is about to blow a fuse.

Kate and Sami split up to confront Nick and Gabi. "Give them Hell," they say in unison. Kate finds Nabi talking at the Square.

Nick tells Gabi that she has to take the job because he worked so hard for it to happen.

Ciara and Allie are dressed as pilgrims at the Horton house. Ciara doesn't like her pilgrim hat. JJ puts on a pilgrim hat.

Ciara says JJ looks like a dork. JJ puts the hat on Abby. Dan agrees to help Theresa with Maggie. Anne tells Dan not to talk to Theresa.

Sonny tells Will that he waited so long for him. Will insists he won't move away from Ari. Nick tells Gabi he arranged the modeling offer.

Gabi asks Nick, "what the hell is wrong with you?" That's a long list.

Jenn comes home to see JJ and Abby now dressed as pilgrims. There's a party at Club TBD. Lamest party ever.

Anne gives Theresa some filing to do. Sami goes to Hope's office to ask if she knows where Nick is. Everyone at the Sq is watching Nabi.

Gabi tells NIck that she wants him out of her life for good. Kate overheard the whole thing. She gets a call.

Dan shows up to the Thanksgiving party with Parker dressed as a turkey. Gabi tries to call Casey, Nick jumps out of the woods.

Sami hugs Hope goodbye. Hope texts Nick asking if he's still there. Nick grabs the phone off of Gabi. Gabi tells Nick that he's sick.

Theo and Abe are at the party too. Dan tells JJ that Theresa still doesn't remember. Jenn tells JJ she knows why JJ and Dan were talking.

Will notices Sonny is gone while he get the baby. Sami runs into Sonny outside the Pub. He tells Sami that Will wants to move to NYC.

Nick blackmails Gabi by telling her either she goes to NYC, or she goes to prison for having Melanie kidnapped.

Jenn thinks JJ is arguing with Dan. The kids are doing crafts. Gabi tells Nick what they had was sex, not love. Harsh, but true.

Sonny overhears Will talking to the baby. Nick has Gabi pinned to the ground. He starts kissing her neck while she tries to push him away.

JJ tries to talk to Theresa at the hospital. He wants to talk to her alone. She walks away from him. Dan and Parker leave the party.

Basically, Jenn ruined the kids' Thanksgiving party because she can't be in the same room with Dan and everyone knows it.

Wilson apologize to each other. Sami is in the woods, so is Kate. Kate's looking for Nabi. Gabi is yelling at Nick to stop.

She hits him with a rock. He's not moving with a big gash on his head.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Diva's 155th #Days Blogtalkradio Show Ready for Playback

The Diva's 155th Days of our Lives Blogtalkradio show is ready for playback/download.

New Television Podcasts with Diva of DOOL on BlogTalkRadio

Interesting Charlotte Ross Tweet

Former Days of our Lives actress, Charlotte Ross (Eve Donovan) posted an interesting tweet:

Awesome mtg w/ Greg Meng & Christopher Whitesell at today talking about & ... AMAZING men! ;)