Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday's "Mission Accomplished" #Days Live Tweets

If you didn't catch my Days of our Lives live tweets today, I think you'll enjoy them.  I got a lot of retweets and favorited tweets today.  Must have had my snark on.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Jenn's at home. Dan shows up. She tells him that he can't be there. JJ, while in jail, thinks about what Jack did. Sami calls Roman.

Roman asks Rafe if he's alright. Jordan approves supervised trips for Rafe. Jordan talks about channeling anger.

Kate asks Jordan if she's talking about herself. Bristen asks if Eric will marry them. Marlena can't find the flash drive.

Roman is back as commissioner. Love Kate's outfit. Eric tells Bristen he's still having problems from his poisoning.

Nicole finds Marlena's keys. The cops show up to talk to them. Marlena doesn't realize she doesn't have the flash drive.

Jenn tells Dan that she'll never get JJ back. JJ trashes his jail cell. An officer yells ar him. Rafe does his PT with Jordan.

Sami wants to ask Roman something. Eric tells Bristen not to tell anyone about him doing their wedding. Marlena talks to the police.

The purse snatcher is still hanging around the park. Marlena starts to think about her mugging and the package delivery.

Once again, Jenn tells Dan that her kids are her #1 priority. Yeah, we heard that before.

Sami invites Roman to her engagement party. He's not happy. He tells her to "enjoy your little party." Besides, he can make the next one.

Kate tries to get Sami to leave. Kate asks if she still has the gun. I hope not! lol

Rafe attempts 2 walk. Sami watches from the hall. He falls. Sami rushes in. Eric doesn't want them breaking the news at the engagement party

Marlena leaves, and gets Nicole to look at mug shots. Nicole knows something is up. She leaves.

Rafe tells Sami to go, she does. Rafe finishes walking. Kristen discusses with the doctor about Eric possibly remembering.

Rafe is back in his room. Sami asks how he can stand Jordan. Jenn visits JJ in jail. He's not happy to see her. Silent treatment.

JJ asks Jenn why she never told him the truth. Eric shows up at Dan's. Dan has something for Eric.

Nicole asks Marlena why Kristen hired someone to snatch her purse. Kristen calls the mugger to see if he got the flash drive.

The mugger doesn't have it yet. Brady asks Kristen what she needs soon.

Kristen tells Brady she's talking to marketing. Marlena tells Nicole that she heard Kristen say she slept with someone.

The hotel sent Dan the name of the woman in the hotel. Jenn tells JJ why she didn't tell him sooner. JJ says he's not her son anymore.

Jenn gives JJ his jacket after he disowns her. She leaves. He kicks the jacket back under the bars.

Rafe tells Sami what she does with her life isn't his business anymore. Or until she gets pregnant by EJ, and Rafe pretends to be the father

Eric learns the name of the woman who checked into the hotel was named Fay Taylor. He thinks it's Nicole.

Marlena tells Nicole about Victor's flash drive idea. Parker finds the flash drive. Man is Ciara and Johnny going to be pissed!

Kristen gets a text that says, "Mission Accomplished." Dan gets the flash drive from Parker.

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