Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday's "The IQ of a Salad Bar" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, JJ has his bail hearing.  Nicole spills the beans to Brady.  Eric finds help on Fay Taylor.  Theresa breaks in to Daniel's apartment.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Nicole turns down another applicant. The woman says that the employment agency warned her about Nicole.

Brady gives Kristen breakfast in bed. He tells her Chad is improving. Eric calls the hotel. The employee won't help him.

Anne and Theresa talk about Tre having Dan's necklace. Jenn is at the hospital. Dan tells Hope at his place that he won't go to JJ's trial.

JJ asks Justin if he'll keep him out of prison. Abby meets Jenn at the hospital. Chad's asleep. Abby wants to support JJ.

Theresa drops Dan's bracelet around Jenn and Anne. Hope thinks the judge will be hard on JJ. Hope tells Dan he'll be a witness.

Hope tells Dan that if JJ goes to prison, it won't be Dan's fault. Justin thinks JJ might not get bail. JJ doesn't care about getting bail.

Justin tells JJ to grow up, and stop being a jackass. JJ says they all lied to him his whole life.

Martha at the hotel tells Eric that she can't talk to him, he has to talk to management. He wants her to answer his questions.

Brady asks Kristen what is wrong with her. Well that's a long list.

Dan tells Hope that "control is an illusion." He discusses his first wife dying. "There's nothing worse than feeling useless."

JJ is mad that Abby, Will, and Sonny all know about Jack. Well duh. They are all older and more mature than JJ.

Justin tells JJ to "stop the pity party." Thank you Justin! Justin tells JJ that Chad was shot last night, Abby could have been shot.

Jenn and Abby leave. Karin the nurse watches everything go down with Theresa, Jenn, and Abby.

Nicole tells the applicant that she already has a job. The woman tells her to let go. Nicole says, "there ain't nothing to let go of."

Martha from the hotel wants to tell Eric, but hangs up because someone was coming. Brady gets a call. Church has a wedding canceled.

Brady asks Kristen if she wants to get married in a few days.

Karin doesn't buy that Theresa "found" Dan's bracelet. Anne tells her that "we" don't gossip. Anne says Abby has the "IQ of a salad bar."

JJ is called to court. Kristen wants Chad at the wedding. Eric gets a call about Nicole's shenanigans. Martha calls back.

Martha wants to talk to Eric in Salem. Nicole walks into the rectory.

Jenn and Abby show up at court. Abby tells Jenn that it's not her fault. Hope shows up. Abby is optimistic. JJ is there.

Theresa tells Dan she found his bracelet. He thanks her, and leaves immediately. Anne gives Theresa a key.

Eric makes fun of Nicole being picky about applicants. Brady walks in. Dan wants to check out the flash drive.

JJ apologizes to Abby for not being there for her when Chad was shot. Theresa made a copy of Dan's apartment key.

Anne offers to Theresa to return Dan's keys to Dan. Kristen walks into Dan's office. Brady asks Eric for the canceled wedding date.

Nicole gets snarky with Brady and leaves. Brady asks Eric if he's still going to marry them.

Kristen praises Dan for saving Chad. Kristen invites Dan to the wedding as the best man. Jenn is the matron of honor.

Dan gets his keys back. Theresa goes to Dan's apartment. Kristen claims she has to do one more fertility test.

Eric asks Brady if he's ready. Brady asks why Eric isn't happier. Eric talks about Nicole quitting.

Nicole asks God, "why did you make Brady so dumb?"

Nicole thinks of something to stop Brady. Theresa scopes out Dan's apartment. Tre sees the busted Dannifer pic.

Judge is ready for JJ's bail hearing.

Hey, someone remembered that JJ's middle name is Patrick. JJ pleads not guilty. Bail is denied.

Theresa thinks Dan broke the picture, and is ready to move on. She takes the pic. Dan is needed in the ER. Kris wants to use his phone

The flash drive is on Dan's desk. Martha shows up at the rectory. She remembers Fay Taylor. Nicole shows up at the K-Mansion.

Nicole tells Brady that Kristen has been unfaithful. He doesn't look pleased.

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