Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday's "Your Junk in a Box" #Days Live Tweets

Sometimes the Diva Days of our Lives live tweets just write themselves.  Marge goes on a rampage. Kristen flips out.  Sami flips out.  Justin and Adrienne make up.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Sami talks to Lucas on the phone. She hears Stefano in the living room getting his portrait back up. About friggin time!

Rafe tells EJ that he's threatened by Safe. Adrienne joins Justin at the Club. Marge crashes their meeting.

Nicole tells Eric that she got a job offer. She says not being there would make her happy. Marlena meets Victor at the K-Mansion.

Marlena wants Victor to accept the flash drive idea won't work. Kristen finds out that she has the wrong drive.

Marlena tells Victor that Eric won't talk to her. Vic says he can talk directly to God. lol He's mocking her.

Kristen remembers Marlena handing her back her purse and says, "omg."

Nicole tells Eric maybe she should be honest with him. She's afraid he'll turn against her. Kristen figures out Marlena/Nicole teamed up.

Kristen thinks either Marlena doesn't know what she has or she's waiting for the right time. Victor says "please" to Marlena.

Victor tells her to hold onto the drive for the right moment. Adrienne tries to get Marge to calm down while she attacks Justin.

Marge accuses Adrienne of playing her. Marge is in denial about Joe cheating on her and being a mole at the SPD.

Sami tells Stefano that they should have burned his portrait. She refuses to celebrate her life with him.

EJ refers to Kate as "my father's rejects." Funny EJ I remember you slept with Kate too.

EJ tells Rafe that Bernardi was there to "put your junk in a box." I think I just found my next blog post title.

Harold appears to be texting. Sami threatens to call EJ. Stefano tells her to do it. Sami finally figured it out.

EJ leaves in a huff. Marge tries to stop him. She goes into Rafe's room. She asks him if "they got to you too, didn't they?"

Nicole lies and tells Eric that Bristen is the problem. Eric says he did it to see what is going on with Bristen.

Marlena finds Kristen in her office. Kristen says they need to talk.

Kristen wants to collaborate on an engagement party with Marlena. Marlena gets a call, and leaves. Kristen stays in Marlena's office.

Adrienne and Justin discuss Marge. Having Stefano get revenge on Justin would have been a good storyline.

Adrienne says her and Justin are "a bunch of screw ups, where do we go from here?" Marge asks Rafe if EJ paid him off.

Marge slaps Rafe. Jordan pries her off of Rafe. Rafe is shocked. Sami doesn't believe EJ didn't tell her about the deal with Stefano.

EJ walks into the DiMansion. I have no idea what Marge's deal is. Rafe's testimony didn't help Sami at all, or why would EJ be mad at him?

Jordan asks Rafe if he's ok. He says, "a helluva of lot better than she (Marge) is." EJ tells Sami he was going to tell her tonight.

Eric tells Nicole he doesn't know what he would do without her. A student interrupts to say they need him to fix something.

Father Matt asks Nicole what is wrong. "Everything." Kristen snoops in Marlena's office. She sees the drive on the table.

Justin says he would have broken the rules for his family like EJ did. Justin wants to move back in with Adrienne. Awww

Father Matt tells Nicole that he'll miss her. She's crying. Rafe fills Jordan in on Marge. Stefano excuses himself from the Ejami fight.

EJ tells Sami that he didn't have a choice but make a deal with Stefano. EJ tells her he gave Stefano back everything.

Marlena comes back to her office. Kristen quickly leaves. Marlena tries to figure out what Kristen is up to.

Nicole tells Eric that she didn't take the job offer yet. He wants her to wait 24 hours. She wants the day off, she hasn't worked yet 2day.

Eric asks if she's quitting to avoid talking about the hotel room incident. She says she doesn't know anything and leaves.

Marlena meets Victor at the Pub. She tells him they need to be careful.

The rape tape editor asks Kristen if she's willing to kill someone to destroy the flash drive. Kristen doesn't answer.

Sami wants to break the deal with Stefano. EJ tells her that he can't let her do that.

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