Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday's "Screaming in Hell" #Days Live Tweets

Well, I finally got a day without the Pirates playing baseball during Days of our Lives, but the President's press conference cut into the beginning of the show.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Finally! Nicole puts in her 2 week notice with Eric. Brady shows up. Kristen leaves Marlena at the Club. She makes faces with a guy.

Adrienne tells Justin she's glad he's home. Kayla, Jenn, Abby, and Hope at Jenn's. Kayla apologizes to Jenn for telling the truth to JJ.

Jenn tells Kayla not to apologize, she was the victim. Kay says JJ wasn't good emotionally. JJ grabs Jack's books and throws them.

Dan tackles JJ at the Square.

Abby finds out on twitter that JJ trashed a bookstore. Adrienne tries to tell Justin what happened with JJ. JJ gets arrested.

Hope is on the scene, and reads JJ his rights. Marlena dumps out the contents of her purse on the table. The flash drive is messy.

Marlena gets a call to accept a package for John. Nicole interviews her replacement. Nicole looks super tan.

Nicole won't hire the retired nun for her job. Kristen shows up for pre-cana. Eric asks Bristen if they have secrets they are keeping.

The caller grabs Marlena's purse outside the club. She's fighting hard for it.

Nicole likes the next candidate's resume for her old job until she sees the woman looks like Miss Texas.

Adrienne gets a call about JJ being arrested. Hope asks JJ what happened. A witness says JJ's nuts, and should be drug tested.

Jenn shows up. JJ tells Dan to tell Jenn all about what happened. Marlena's attacker leaves. Kristen says she has trust issues.

Kristen says Brady changed her life. Kristen cries and says she feels like she deserves happiness. She says she has a secret.

JJ keeps taunting Dan. Justin tries to get JJ to shut up. JJ says what Justin and Jenn do best is to say nothing.

Nicole accidentally trips Marlena's mugger. JJ calls Justin "a liar" "who gets paid for it." JJ attacks Kayla for lying.

JJ apologizes to Kayla for the rape. Dan learns about Kayla's rape just then.

Marlena yells about the thief. He runs away from Nicole. Kristen's secret is that she saw a specialist.

Kristen claims that the specialist said she can't have children. Brady says he doesn't care.

JJ tells Kayla that he hopes Jack is "screaming in Hell."

JJ tells his family that they are all strangers to him, just like his dad. Then he starts kicking a desk. He gets restrained.

Hope tells JJ he's getting booked and is taken away. Jenn cries and looks at Dan. Brady asks Eric if he'll marry them.

Nicole calls the police about Marlena's mugging. The flash drive is on the ground right in front of Marlena.

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  1. OK i keep hearing praise and more praise for the young actor playing JJ for his scenes today..and while the story is great (for Days standards i mean..) i don't really agree. Casey Moss was ok borderline quite good today IMHO, he was not over-the-top, his voice was cracked..good stuff..but he lacked range..always the same expression while shouting his lines..as an actress i can say it was not stellar acting,he was just in one mode for 10 minutes : 'angry/raging' it was ok maybe even good for a newbie in acting..But certainly not in Jonathan Jackson's league back the day with the same type of material or even Chandler Massey's league last year (or for most of his Will really tortured/dramatic scenes). The one who really shined in these scenes at the cop station was Melissa Reeves oddly enough. She did not say much but her facial expressions were spot on ! I totally bought her distress, her sadness face to her son's meltdown..like she really did experience that..i know she has a son, who i think is not far JJ's age..of course Scott Reeves is not Jack Deveraux..lol but still it was like she really did know what that felt.. she totally 'lived' these scenes imho. All the other players were quite good too, particularly Kate Mansi and Mary-beth Evans (subtle acting from her..kudos) but MS/Jennifer was the one who i will remember from these scenes. Otherwise the story is a nice piece of deep, smart rooted in history, storytelling..Really nice, for once, Days.

    I also keep hearing Daniel should not have been there..well he is a plot point (and NOT the star player in the story like some detractors whine and whine about..ugh. This story is above all JJ story and what is his identity and relationship with his so much missed deceased father Jack ) in this story..so i get why he is here. Actually Daniel play the catalyst of most of JJ's internal and psyche conflict..Daniel play a minor role but an essential one, no matter what we, the viewers, like the character or not ! That being said having him chasing after JJ and then being the one who get him under control at the townsquare was REALLY predictable. However with these writers nobody should be surprised..lol.

    All in all, maybe a short story (we will see) but a great one, on this soap..which is a good thing. And it really flesh out the JJ character in a MAJOR way.