Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday's "Broccoli and Pancakes" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ eats Allie's pancakes, Brady and Sami debate on who has the worst fiance, Stefano tells Kristen he will miss the wedding, and Chad and Cameron continue to fight over Abby.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Lucas and Allie at the Pub, he tells her that tomorrow she's going to have "broccoli and pancakes" instead of chocolate chip pancakes.

Sami tells Brady that Theresa overdosed. Kristen and Stefano on the phone discussing her wedding. Stefano says he won't be there.

Cameron makes his rounds and checks on Chad. Abby and Hope talk in the Square. Hope asks about Chad. Eric talks to Father Matt.

EJ crashes Allie/Lucas breakfast. Allie gets shipped off to see Caroline. Brady asks Sami to be his best man. Brady needs to get new friends

Brady tells Sami that EJ will be Kristen's maid of honor. Stefano tells Kristen he's going to Boston with Chad instead of her wedding.

Stefano says he wishes to see the Brady family reaction to Kristen/Eric.

Eric tells Father Matt that he can't confess when doesn't know what he needs to confess for. Nicole thinks of how to clear her name.

It's safe to watch today. No Dannifer nor JJ.

Hope asks Abby what Chad did. Abby thinks she was a prize between Chad/Cameron. Cameron tells Chad he doesn't know Abby as well as he thinks

Sami agrees to be Brady's best man. Brady doesn't buy that EJ changed, Sami doesn't buy that Kristen has changed.

Lucas tells EJ he can take his facts about custody, and "shove them."

EJ is eating Allie's breakfast. He secretly records Lucas saying he'll leave the country with Allie. Brady offers to talk to Lucas 4 Sami.

Sami asks Brady about John not coming to the wedding. Eric says his sin is arrogance, thinking he can save everyone.

Nicole talks to Martha the hotel employee about what she told Eric. Nicole tells her to tell Eric the truth.

Abby tells Hope that she thinks other people control her life, JJ, Chad, etc. She's right.

Abby asks what do you do when you fall in love with someone you didn't really know. Cameron tells Chad that Abby is mad at him.

EJ tells Lucas that he could lose Allie all together. Brady brings up that EJ tried to kill John.

Father Matt thinks Eric is blind about Kristen. Got a phone call missed a little of the show.

Allie hugs Maggie. Allie says Stefano cheats at board game night. lol

Maggie asks Lucas if he's upset that Allie likes the DiMansion so much or because of the safety factor.

Kristen visits Chad at the hospital. Brady stops into the room. Chad tells him to take good care of Kristen.

Martha thinks she's right about Nicole because Nicole is acting crazy.

Eric looks at his notes for the Bristen wedding. Lucas tells Maggie he's not threaten by Allie liking the DiMansion.

Ejami are home. Sami gets a call from Lucas, he wants to talk to her.

Chad wants a "cooling off period" for Cameron, Abby, and himself. Abby hears them talking about her.

Sami is suspicious of what EJ did to get Lucas to back off. Kristen sees Nicole crying. Brady visits Eric. Eric wants the truth.

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