Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's "After You, Bitch" #Days Live Tweets

Today's Days of our Lives episode was definitely a "must see" episode.  Finally Eric and Nicole discuss her love for him.  Brady insults his only friend.  You should follow me on twitter. Here are today's live tweets:

Eric doesn't think Nicole would do that to him. Nicole offers to take Brady's vows to Eric. Brady says he doesn't trust her.

Kristen tells EJ that her wedding is moved up. She gets a call. Bev and Rory ask Abby about JJ. She tells them to leave JJ alone.

Jenn tells JJ if he leaves, she doesn't want to see him again. Dan shows up at Theresa's apartment that is Sami's old apartment.

Eric tries to think who else could have drugged him. Kristen tells EJ she had a pregnancy scare. She says she got her fertility tests back.

Kristen tells him she can't conceive. Nicole reminds Brady that Kristen to fess up to sleeping with someone. Nicole leaves.

Rory and Bev say that JJ busted the windows because of his anger towards Jack. They are worried about him.

Dan tells Theresa to stay away from JJ. JJ shows Jenn the pot he has. That was dumb.

Abby thinks JJ wants to be with his family. JJ tells Jenn that Theresa is pretty hot. He's really pushing her buttons.

Theresa basically wants Dan to entice her to stay away from JJ. Bricole argue in the church. Nic admits she loves Eric.

Nicole confesses her love to Eric so loudly, that Eric hears her in the pews.

Theresa offers Dan a drink. JJ taunts Jenn that she didn't accept his dare to call the cops on him. Abby comes home.

Abby asks JJ to stay. EJ says, "falling in love with a DiMera is somewhat problematic." Nic says she's miserable without Eric.

Nicole says she's fought her feelings for Eric. Eric is eavesdropping. She says she lost control. She quit to get away from him.

Nicole tells Brady to "go to Hell." Brady says, "after you, bitch." Nicole puts roses on the altar. She sees Eric.

Eric tells Nicole to look at him. He says he heard every word she said to Brady. Now we're cooking! w00t!

Theresa is flirting with Dan. He says he's not interested, and she has a lot of problems. JJ stays to talk to Abby.

JJ tells Abby and Jenn that his family is dead to him, just like his dad. Kristen asks EJ if he thinks Stefano will really change.

Kristen wants EJ to stand up for her, and Sami to stand up for Brady at the wedding. Nicole is sorry that Eric overheard her.

Eric looks upset and kind of turned on while taking to Nicole. That's acting, baby.

Nicole denies being in love with Eric. The she tells him that she loves him.

Abby tells Jenn that JJ doesn't mean what he says. Jenn lost her voice. She wants to call the police. Abby tries to talk her out of it.

Dan leaves Theresa. She calls him "the most ego-maniacal jerk on the planet." Theresa invites JJ over. Kristen asks why Brady is tense.

Brady tells Kristen that he had a fight with Nicole. Nicole hints she's done something wrong. Eric wants her to spill.

Nicole asks Eric to forgive her. is totally killing it today.

Abby tells Jenn that JJ's friends are saying that they are concerned for him. JJ shows up at Theresa's. Dan wants to talk to Anne about Tre.

Dan tells Anne that she rehired Theresa to spite Jenn. Anne publicly accuses Dan of being interested in Theresa.

Dan calls Anne a lonely woman. Dan says he wants Theresa out of Salem. Anne accuses Dan of playing Theresa.

Brady agrees to tell Kristen what happened with Eric. Eric tells Nicole he doesn't even think God can forgive her.

Nicole asks Eric what he's talking about.

Abby threatens to not speak to Jenn if she calls the police on JJ. Theresa flirts with JJ. Dan denies being with Theresa.

Dan wants Anne to fire Theresa. EJ overhears. Brady tells Kristen that Nicole told him that Kristen had an affair.

Nicole asks Eric what he thinks she did. He accuses her of raping him. They both look devastated. Nicole looks confused.

If you didn't see today, watch it for the Brady/Eric/Nicole stuff. Trust me.

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