Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday's "Thug Life" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was a bit dull.  Five consecutive days of Jennifer and JJ is way too much.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Stefano wants to talk to Sami. EJ visits Chad at the hospital. EJ tells Chad that he told Cameron about the fake brain tumor.

Abby asks Cameron what he and Chad are keeping from him. Lucas volunteers to talk to JJ for Jenn. Theresa offers drugs to JJ.

Stefano tells Sami she was right what she said about Chad's shooting being his fault. Maxine gives Chad's chart to Kayla.

EJ explains why he told Cameron the truth to Chad. Abby wants Cameron to tell her the truth.

Jenn tells Lucas she is going back to work. Theresa prepares the drug for them. Stefano tells Sami, "if you can keep quiet, then I can talk"

Stefano tells Sami he swore to God that he'll change. He apologizes to her for everything he put her through.

EJ tells Chad to tell Abby the truth and put a spin on it before Cameron does. EJ leaves. Abby thinks Chad doesn't want her.

Kayla talks to EJ. Cameron walks in and tells her there's no tumor. Abby goes to Chad's room.

Jenn asks Maxine why her Dannifer pic is broken. Maxine takes her some place less public. Theresa tries to get JJ to drink up.

Sami asks what does Stefano want with his apology. He says he's going to make things up to her. Lucas shows up for Allie.

Stefano tells Lucas how lovely Allie is and to come visit her whenever. He leaves. Lucas says, "what the hell was that?"

Chad wants to talk to Abby. Abby thinks he's going to dump her. Kayla is not happy EJ kept the tumor secret for Chad.

Kayla tells EJ that Chad has serious complications from his shooting. Maxine tells Jenn that a candy striper gave her the pic.

Jenn thinks Dannifer is really over now. Maxine thinks she's right. JJ drinks a little, Theresa finishes hers.

Sami tells Lucas what Stefano told her. She says he seems sincere. He says, "has your IQ dropped since you moved in here?"

Lumi argue about the safety of the kids. Kayla tells EJ that Chad needs to go to Boston for surgery.

Cameron tells Kayla he won't tell Abby the truth. Chad denies that he wants to break up with Abby. Kayla needs to talk to Chad.

Odd that Maxine and Jenn are drinking beer at the Pub while they both should be working.

Jenn tells Maxine how perfect Dannifer was. I don't remember that. I remember them breaking up every other day.

Theresa wants JJ to drink more. She says his problems will go away. He says, "there's an app for that right?"

Kayla tells Chad he needs to go to Boston for surgery. Stefano is at the hospital with EJ. Stefano offers to go with Chad.

Lucas doesn't want Allie around the Ejami "thug life." Lucas says he'll bring back Allie to Sami, but not at the DiMansion.

Theresa kisses JJ.

Stefano tells EJ he has changed. Kayla tells Chad he'll be gone for a few weeks. Chad talks to Kayla alone. She says she knows.

Allie hugs Lucas. Allie hugs Sami goodbye. Sami calls Lucas a "son of a bitch" after he leaves. Maxine tells Jenn about Taniel.

Jenn laughs when Maxine tells her about the Theresa/Dan rumors. Theresa is out cold. JJ tries to wake her up.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano will go with Chad. Sami stabs some ice. She tells him what Lucas said. Kayla asks Chad if his lie was worth it.

Kayla leaves. Chad tells Abby he wants to tell her the truth. Maxine leaves Jenn. Jenn tells the Dannifer pic, "goodbye Daniel".

JJ tries to shake Theresa awake.

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