Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday's "How Is Men Not a 4 Letter Word" #Days Live Tweets

I missed the first 12 minutes of Days of our Lives today due to the incident in Washington DC.  Kayla is just dying to tell about Jack raping her.  Sami realizes she's being a spoiled brat.  Chad live texts his conversations with Stefano to Abby.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Joining late, Ejami talk in the park about moving to the DiMansion. Sami is embarrassed for walking out on him.

Sami is ashamed for walking on EJ when he gave up everything for her. You know, living in a mansion with servants sucks so friggin bad.

Stefano wants to play chess with Chad who is playing with his phone. Stefano asks about Abby. Chad asks how he knows these things.

Cameron tells Abby that he is putting his career first. Cameron says he's happy for Cabby.

Abby asks, "how is 'men' not a four letter word?" Good question.

Chad live texts his meeting with Stefano to Abby. Kayla leaves JJ. Rory tells JJ he found a place to stay.

Maggie tells Dan at the Pub that he doesn't seem happy. Anne eavesdrops. Maggie says he's letting her go, he admits he is.

I believe that Maggie/Dan were discussing having a family reunion. Theresa rips on "Jenny's" treatment of JJ.

Theresa tells Jenn that deep down, JJ still loves her. Jenn tells her to shut up.

EJami kisses on the bench. EJ still wants to go to Chicago. Sami wants to go home to talk to Stefano about ground rules.

Chad tells Stefano that he is a DiMera. Abby sees JJ. She shows him Jack's book. JJ wants to buy every copy in town.

Theresa wants to talk to Jenny about Daniel.

Yes! Stefano is playing "Flight of the Valkyries" which happens to be the theme song of the Diva's show!

Theresa insinuates she slept with Daniel to Jen. Maggie babysits Parker. Kayla talks to Dan at the Pub.

JJ asks Abby if Jack did anything "off the charts bad." He tells her about his odd conversation with Kayla.

Stefano tells Sami that dinner is at 8:30 then leaves. The commercials aren't ending on time. Cameron asks Chad if his doctor is in LA

Abby seems to be deflecting about Jack's past. She keeps telling JJ that she wants him home. Kayla tells Dan about JJ.

Theresa tells Jenn that she knows how to make men happy. Good point, Jenn tends to make men miserable. Jenn says she's wasting her potential

Anne tells Theresa that Dannifer is definitely over at the Club. Anne says how boring they are. Anne calls Dan "Dudley DoRight."

Kayla tells Dan that Jack was "all too human" then leaves. JJ tells Rory that something happened with Jack.

Abby tells Jenn that JJ is asking about Kayla and Jack.


  1. Good and interesting episode imo.
    I like and am interested in JJ/Kayla story and Sami/Ej/Stefano/Chad interactions were good.
    Of course it would be better if Jack was still on the show, canvas for the JJ/Kayla stuff..(i miss Matt Ashford) but on the other hand..It is grealyt layered to have some dark Jack past resurface when his young son JJ idolize him partly because he is dead..It is another way to portray some really complex, deep, angsty history who is part of a grey, full of layers core character coming back affecting his own legacy,his own child..It is different than the story of Luke Spencer dark past affecting his own young son Lucky on GH on the 90's..which was a powerful and quite iconic story.. With Jack and JJ it is a bit different but to me, it could be as much powerful..
    I love the actresses playing Theresa and Ann (good actresses with some charisma) but i don't get this vendetta against Jennifer..their motives are too is like they have no real purpose/reason to make her life hell..which reduce them to one-note characters..they are just mean and bitchy for the sake of it..blah..Give them a reason to be such bitches. Cameron, also, is a ill-conceived character..why not being straightfoward with Abby..why being so passive towards her..If he was interested by her, he should have fight at least a little to be with her..not give up so easily and then trying to avoid her..

    1. IA, Jack should be in this storyline in person.

      Cameron is a waste of air time.

  2. The "Anne" character is brilliant. She does make perfect sense in that it is very typical to encounter situations wherein an individual, i.e., the Jennifer Horton character, comes from an entitled upper middle-class to wealthy background and, through know fault of her own, has carte blanche, easy access and entree, if you will, to good positions with reputable organizations/companies. This in turn does cause resentment amongst those, i.e., Anne, who've had to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. The writers, in penning the character, Anne, are ingenious in that the writers know that the Jennifer character engenders very little audience sympathy without a great antagonist for her to go toe-to-toe with and Anne more than fulfills that role in a very entertaining way. Add to the mix the deliciously conniving Theresa and Jennifer's bratty son, JJ and voila, the character, Jennifer Horton suddenly becomes interesting. Now, had the storyline remained the "Jack & Jennifer Reunited Tour," it would IMO have been very boring. Aaron Spelling and Heather Locklear said it best when she was added to the cast of Melrose Place and stated something to the effect that 'Audiences do not want to see a show about a group of nice people planning to have dinner together which is what Melrose Place before adding the character Amanda to the show...' The exact same is true here; the majority of the audience, despite the nostalgia quotient, finds happy couples making a home on a drama to be too prosaic and hence great antagonists like Anne really do make the show!

    1. Well i like characters, even 'villain' characters interesting. And i don't disagree with the fact that folks like Anne exist in reali life..but to me these bitter people who just like whine and bitch all days about others whereas they are not better..add to that for shallow reasons DO NOT INTEREST me. I just despise them and don't bother with their pathetic bs..So i don't want to be subjected to a fictional version of them.. NO THANKS.
      Jennifer is an entitled, privileged middle-aged princess from a kind of holier-than-thiou (let's be honest..) privileged and well-loved, famous Salem's family : the Horton..right, but Anne while not a Horton doesn't seem to be much more competent..all we see her doing is bitching about Jennifer and plotting silly things against me that is not doing her freaking job ! I guess i like my characters, all of them interesting with some purpose about the things they do, being good or bad things, otherwise i pass. The problem to me is the writing not the actresses like i said. These actresses are enjoyable..well..would be if some bearable writing back them up.


  3. I agree to an extent with respect to the penning of these characters. If I were creating the Anne character, I'd add more layers or facets to the character and also lend some insight as to why she is hellbent on seeing Jennifer destroyed. Perhaps, there is some past interaction, a past transgression that seemed like a mere oversight or literally nothing to a young Jennifer but completely and genuinely psychologically hurt a teenage or adolescent Anne to the point that now Anne is exacting revenge...

    Too, while on the subject of writing, the Daniel Jonas as Maggie's son, while I've learned to accept, does not make a hell of a lot of sense. If I were writing, I'd love to have Maggie's daughter, Melissa return to Salem to go toe to toe with Daniel and have her be the vehicle for questioning who Daniel is actually. It never is definitively made clear as to who actually is Daniel's father but rather it is alluded to being the elder Mr. Jonas but given the sketchy circumstances surrounding Daniel's conception it might be interesting to learn who his father actually is...

    Additionally, with the imminent departure of Kristen, a new, strong, sophisticated and sexy DiMera lead female character is necessary. I am unsure who that would be. Stefano's daughters, Renee and Lexi, are deceased and so I suppose I'd go through the DiMera family tree to find another viable DiMera female lead or alternatively create an entirely new one.