Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday's Halloween #Days Live Tweets

On Days of our Lives today, it looks like no one is going to go to the Brady/Kristen wedding.  Nothing like having your guests cancel the day before your wedding.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ overhears Maggie and Jenn talk about Theresa/Dan. Maggie tells JJ to take care of his mom. I'm totally rolling my eyes.

JJ has something to tell Jenn. Theresa is awake. Dan asks her if she knows what happened. Victor summons Marlena to ask what is going on.

Victor tells Marlena he did not receive a text from Brady saying, "the wedding is off with that soul sucking bitch lol".

Brady tells Kristen that Eric is furious that he never told him Nicole was into him. Nicole tells Eric she didn't drug and have sex with him

Abby comes home. She wants to be alone. JJ wants to tell them something. Victor is killing me today.

Kristen tells Brady that Nicole was acting like her life was over. Kristen wants to smooth things over with Eric.

Nicole tells Eric that the hotel employee was incompetent. Eric points out Nicole's lies to other men.

Theresa says she remembers nothing. Dan tells her she overdosed. Theresa doesn't even remember calling him.

JJ has a daydream that Jenn will throw him out of the house if he confesses he did drugs with Theresa. So he doesn't tell them.

JJ vows to stay off drugs. Jenn says she's proud of him and hugs him. Victor blames Marlena if the Bristen wedding goes off.

Maggie asks Marlena and Victor what is going on. Kristen will talk to Eric, Brady will talk to Jenn.

Nicole swears on a Bible that she didn't rape Eric. Nicole tells Eric she knows what he's going through because of her own childhood.

Dan tells Theresa to promise to call him if she remembers anything. She does, then falls asleep. Anne rips on Dan for Theresa's OD.

Anne does have a point. Dan does try to seduce every woman in Salem. Maxine is trying to understand Dan.

Jenn actually shows up at work. Marlena leaves so Victor can talk to Maggie. How nice of Bristen to e-vite everyone to their wedding.

Poor Ciara. She's in NYC with Doug and Julie and can't be in the Bristen wedding. Whatever.

Nicole deletes a pic of Eric off her phone. Kristen goes to the rectory. Kristen admits she knew Nicole had a crush on him too.

Eric asks Kristen if she knows what Nicole did. She asks if it has anything to do with his trip.

Kristen and Brady should have had their wedding on Halloween. That would have been awesome.

Dannifer are giving each other the silent treatment. Awesome. Hope that lasts.

Jenn asks Maxine about Theresa's condition. Hope tells Brady that she doesn't trust Kristen. Hope doesn't want Ciara in the wedding.

Nicole knocks on Dan's door. She cries in his arms. Eric tells Kristen that it is not her business.

Kristen says maybe Nicole drugged Eric to save him and be the hero.

Anne tries to talk to Theresa. Anne says Theresa will keep her job. Jenn's back home, she tells Brady she won't make the wedding.

Anne catches JJ looking at Theresa. Anne talks to Marlena about Dan because Marlena is the head of the Ethics committee.

Nicole can't tell Dan what Eric thinks she did. She wants to go to sleep. Kristen wonders how much Eric remembers.

Victor says he's comforting Marlena over the Bristen wedding. Victor says he's after Kristen, Maggie agrees to let it go.

Abby tells Hope that she is taking a break from dating. Hope tells Abby that Theresa overdosed, and she says Tre and Dan are dating.

Jenn tells Brady that Dannifer is done. Nicole has a dream that Eric has her arrested. Marlena will talk to Dan.

Marlena goes into Dan's office looking for a pen and notepad.

Abby asks Hope why Jenn didn't tell her about Tre/Dan. Jenn tells Brady that Dan is dating a girl who overdosed.

Theresa opens her eyes when everyone leaves with a knowing look on her face. Nicole overhears JJ/Dan talking about Theresa.

Kristen thinks she needs to talk to Dan about Eric. Marlena recognizes Kristen's flash drive on Daniel's desk.

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