Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday's "Fay Taylor" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives has the Ejami engagement party starting.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:


Ejami kiss and tickle on the bed. Marge says to herself that she has no choice. Cameron calls about drug trials for Chad.

Cabby at the Club. Caroline snarks at Stefano outside the Club. Eric sees that the woman who checked into the hotel is Fay Taylor.

Nicole remembers Kristen has a similar flash drive. Marlena figures out Kristen doesn't want her looking at the flash drive.

Gabi talks to Cameron at the hospital. Parker's nanny has the flash drive. Ejami snuggle after sex. Marge has a gun.

Stefano asks Caroline to bury the hatchet for one night. She says the banshees are coming for him. I think that's what she said.

Cameron asks Gabi to be his date for the Ejami party. Abby asks what's it like living in the DiMansion, Stefano says, "unadulterated bliss."

Kristen's henchman claims he threw the flash drive in the river. Nicole and Marlena have flashlights looking for the drive.

Brady shows up at the rectory. Eric wants to talk about Nicole.

Stefano kisses Abby's hand. Stefano and Chad look fab btw. I love a good party!

Abby is still dressing .

Eric asks how Nicole's mother spelled her name. Parker's eating mac and cheese. My kind of man!

Ejami have a drink before the party. Sami says their family "makes the Manson family look like the Waltons."

Marge writes a suicide note to her parents. She looks in a mirror, then leaves.

Gabi and Cameron show up at the party. Eric does searches on Fay Taylor. Nicole shows up at the rectory.

Nice seeing a pic of on today. Nicole and Eric discuss Fay.

Nicole tells Eric she hasn't told him all her secrets yet. Marlena shows up at the Club. Cameron and Chad stare at each other.

Bristen show up. Stefano greets Kristen. Ejami show up to applause.

Nicole tells Eric she would have named her lost baby "Fay Taylor" if it was a girl. Caroline says Gameron make a nice couple.

Caroline tells Gameron that she stuffed a $10 down Cameron's shorts. lol

Marlena and Sami discuss Kristen, and Sami's happiness. Marlena and Kristen run into each other.

Caroline, Marlena, and Kristen discuss her mugging. Gabi pulls Abby inside. Cameron wants to talk to Chad outside.

Marge is all dressed up with full makeup and hair. She gets out some bullets and loads her gun.

Eric has a parishioner on life support, he leaves. Nicole wonders why he keeps asking about Fay. Kristen wants to leave the party.

Marlena watches Bristen from afar. Cameron tells Chad that he knows he's lying about the brain tumor. Brady has a work emergency.

The nanny calls Dan telling him she'll give him the flash drive. EJ makes a toast. Marge aims the gun at herself.

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