Saturday, October 19, 2013

SON interview with #Days James Scott

Soap Opera Network did an interview with Days of our Lives actor, James Scott (EJ DiMera.) You can read the interview here.


  1. Loved the James Scott interview Diva! Thanks for posting it. James Scott is such a smart, deep and handsome man. DAYS really got lucky when he signed on!

  2. Loved the James Scott Interview! He is classy, smart, and so handsome. DAYS scored when they got him. Thank you so much for posting Diva!

  3. I enjoyed the evil bad boy Ej Dimera/Ej Wells back in the day..but being just 'evil' gets old pretty quickly and make the character one-note and boring after a while..Even,the saving grace at this time (since the beginning of his tenure actually) for the Ej character..was his undeniable genuine attraction to Sami and his vulnerability with her, underneath the playboy apparence..without that, he would have been written off pretty quickly, given his awful deeds at this time, i am certain of it. So while i miss the snarky one-liners they gave him at this time (writers were better for the dialogue when he came on the they only gave great lines to few characters like Victor or sometimes Nicole..such a waste and still the dialogue is not as witty as it was under Hogan of his few good points) i am glad they really fleshed out Ej as a character, who can be a little bastard but also a loving father and a genuine lover for ONE woman; Sami who is pretty flawed herself and a member of the family arch-enemy of his, soapy set up !
    Being bad AND good allow him to sustain on the show..otherwise he should have been written off only to come back for short stints like it was the case for Stefano almost all his tenure or like the case of Jerry Jacks, supervillain extraordinaire of GH who is only here for few months only to disappear and come back every six months/one/two years later..wash, rinse and repeat...
    A character like that can be fun but can't stay effectively on the canvas for a long period..just NOT possible, he can't just wreak avok again and again without getting caught or going away for a while (a la Stefano,Jerry, the Stavros clan.. ect.). And him being just a Stefano clone would be a total waste to the actor and the character and not sure James Scott would be ok with just an on-again/off-again job. Therefore, at the end of the day i think he is pretty satisfied with a grey character, who can be pretty dark but time to time can do great things and showing a likable, lovable to some, like it was the case for a long time with Roger Thorpe (after his came back from the death) on GH or with Adam Newman right now on Y&R or like it was for Victor Newman for decades ! But i understand him missing the really snarky, humorous, care-free Ej..Wells then Dimera. If the writers were better they could give him back his witty snark and humor..