Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday's "We Are So Done" #Days Live Tweets

Another boring Dannifer episode of Days of our Lives aired today.  Wake me up when it's over.  JJ sees the light and goes home to his mom.  Caroline slings beer for Jordan, Rafe, and Kate.  Nick makes plans to win back Gabi.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ overhears Dan telling Jenn and Hope that he "was just there" at Theresa's. Jordan takes Rafe to the Pub. Caroline hugs him.

Kate gets a call saying Jordan's background is squeaky clean. Kate wants to talk to Nick about his future. Gabi sees Cameron in the park.

Anne joins the Dan conversation. Jenn asks again why Dan was at Theresa's. 7 Dannifer episodes in a row in case you are counting.

Hope chimes in that Theresa said she had a guy over when she was there. Dan plays Theresa's voice mail to them.

Anne accuses Dan of giving drugs to Theresa. He tells her to "go to Hell." Caroline assumes Jordan is Rafe's girlfriend.

Kate gives Nick a big check for his work at Mad World. Nick says he may leave Salem.

Cameron tells Gabi he screwed something up. Gabi says sometimes mistakes are blessings. They agree to coffee.

Karin and the nurses gossip about Theresa and Dan. Jenn doesn't buy the reason why Dan was at Theresa's. You are broken up Jenn!

Dan sees JJ at his office.

Jordan tells Caroline that she's Rafe's PT. Caroline leaves to get drinks. Rafe asks Jordan if ppl assuming they are together terrifies her.

Kate tells Nick about Will leaving for Berkeley. Nick has an idea for Kate's business. Kate tells him good luck on pursuing his dreams

Gabi tells Cameron she "misplaced" her dissection frog. They hold hands. Nick walks into the Club. Anne walks into Tre's hospital room

Anne tells unconscious Theresa that she'll be ok. Anne tells Tre that her plan worked. Anne says she'll twist that knife into Dannifer

Dan tells JJ to not tell anyone he was at Theresa's. Dan asks if he has drugs on him. Jenn is outside the door.

Cameron leaves Gabi. Nick sets himself at Gabi's table. He asks to see baby pictures.

Rafe gets himself in a chair. Dan gets JJ to hide in a closet. Dan tells Jenn they have nothing left to say, and he leaves.

Nick asks Gabi about Will's conference. Kate talks to Rafe at the Pub. My screen just turned yellow. wth?

I don't know what happened, but Caroline gave Kate a sloppy beer. Jenn tries to talk to Dan in front of everyone.

Jenn tells Dan "we are so done." How many times have we heard this before? Jenn rips on Theresa. Maggie tries to get her to shut up.

Jenn tells Dan he was intentionally trying to hurt her by choosing Theresa, then she leaves. JJ is at the Square. Bev hugs him.

JJ tells Bev that there is something he has to do.

Jordan gets tipped off that Kate is having her investigated. Gabi tells Nick that she's happy.

Gabi tells Nick that modeling isn't going to happen. Gabi leaves. Dan gets blood drawn. Jenn and JJ are home.

JJ tells Jenn that he's sorry.

is boring.

Baby Ari is too friggin cute. Nick talks to himself about a life with Gabi and Ari. Why weren't the Bradys notified about Theresa?

JJ tells Jenn that he was so wrong. He admits he's been messed up since Jack died. He's done dealing and acting out.

Maggie and Hope get on Dan's ass about Theresa. So glad Hope is concerned about her niece. *rolls eyes*

Jenn's family should be Dan's #1 reason to not go back to Dannifer. They are all up in his business.

JJ and Jenn hug.

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