Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's "Tired, Old Road Kill" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives was very impressive.  Chad gets shot. Cameron finds out Chad was lying about the tumor.  Stefano eventually blames himself for Chad's shooting.  Daniel got the flash drive.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Chad makes a toast to EJ. Marge shoots and hits Chad. EJ catches him. Ciara's practicing being a flower girl at the Square.

Ciara says she's going to be a flower girl for Bristen. Dan asks Eric if the name he gave him was familiar. Jenn talks to Kristen.

Nicole wants a drink. Sami yells at Marge. EJ stand in front of Sami. Marge says she was aiming for EJ. EJ dares Marge to shoot him.

Eric tells Dan he's trying to process the name. Dan isn't buying it. Kristen tells Jenn that Eric is going to marry them. Nic overhears.

EJ takes the gun from Marge. Stefano yells, "look what you have done." Marge says she "didn't mean to hurt the boy."

Ciara mentions the last time Bope got married, and how perfect it was. Hope gets called, she's going to drop Ciara at Victor's.

Abby puts pressure on Chad's wound. Will restrains Chad. Sami restrains Stefano. Dan gets the flash drive from Parker's nanny.

Nicole snarks on the Jenn/Kristen conversation. Jenn gets a call from Justin and leaves. Nicole joins Kristen.

Nicole tells Kristen that "we" are on to you, and "we" are going to find out what you are hiding. EMT show up to treat Chad.

Hope is at the scene. Abby says she can't lose Chad.

Chad gets carted out of the Club. Stefano calls his driver to go to the hospital. Sami asks Marge why she did it.

Sami reminds Marge that she left Timmy with no one. Kristen tells Nicole that Brady said he only had true satisfaction with her.

Kristen calls Nicole, "tired old roadkill." Marge blames everything on Sami. Sami gives Hope Marge's gun. Hope clears out the Club.

EJ tells Sami that Chad stepped in front of the bullet for him. Hope sees the blood on the cake. Nic tells Jenn she's sorry for JJ.

Nicole leaves the Pub. She's not happy that Eric is going to marry Bristen. Jenn warns Kristen to be careful of Nicole.

Dan wants Eric to look at the contents of the flash drive with him.

Chad arrives at the hospital along with Abby and Gabi. Marge is at the SPD. Hope and Roman tell her she shot Chad DiMera.

Jenn warns that Nicole can find out about Kristen's affair. Maxine summons Dan. Sami calls Jenn to tell her about Chad.

Jenn tells Kristen that Chad was shot. Stefano is at the hospital. Stefano wants revenge on Marge. EJ tells him to "can it."

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't love Chad, he loves control.

Marge remembers that Chad took the Sami/Joe video. Marge says now the DiMeras will know what they took from her.

EJ tells Sami that it is not her fault. Jenn comforts Abby. Kristen is there for Stefano. EJ tells her Chad took the bullet for him.

Stefano says he wishes it was him who got shot. Kristen asks Sami "what the hell were you thinking?" Eric is back at the rectory.

Nicole is back at the rectory. She's not happy. She doesn't want to help Eric. Kristen is mad Sami called Jenn and not her.

Kristen blames Chad's shooting on Sami. Gabi leaves to be with the baby. Wilson comfort each other.

Cameron looks up the treatment Chad is said to be on. Dan operates on Chad. Cameron is worried about drug interaction.

Cameron tells EJ that he has to tell Dan about Chad's treatment. EJ says he can't let him do that.

Jenn reminds Abby that Dan saves everyone. Good point. Abby should worry about Dan molesting her boyfriend.

Abby tells Jenn she left the Golden Circle club with Chad. Stefano's ready to rip into Sami.

Nicole tells Eric she knows he's officiating Bristen's wedding. He tells her to butt out. Hope tells Marge it isn't "an eye for an eye."

Marge says Joe didn't have a choice but work for Stefano. She says "justice is finally done." Sami blames Stefano for Chad's shooting.

Sami reminds Stefano he kicked Kate out in the first place when he put the hit out on Rafe. Kristen asks Sami what she said to him.

Sami tells Kristen that she told Stefano the truth. Dan continues to work on Chad's artery. EJ tells Cameron that Chad doesn't have a tumor.

Cameron calls EJ, "a disgusting son of a bitch." Stefano goes to the hospital chapel. Stefano asks God if Samantha is right.

Nicole tells Eric that he "can't see the forest for the trees" and leaves. Eric says he won't get answers from Nicole.

Marge doesn't want an attorney. Eric wants to go back to the hotel. Marge gets processed. Roman says Marge is right, DiMeras don't pay.

Dan thinks the surgery is working. Sonny tells Sami that he could have been a better friend to Chad. Kristen grabs Sami.

Chad flat lines. Stefano remembers Caroline talks about karma. EJ overhears Stefano blame himself. Stefano begs for Chad's life.

CPR is performed on Chad. The nurse says that Chad is dead.

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