Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's "Trauma Haunts This House" #Days Live Tweets

After an amazing week of episodes of Days of our Lives, Days ends the week with a beyond boring episode.  It seemed like a rerun.  Jenn and JJ fight.  JJ gets drugs.  Maggie pimps Dannifer.  Anne and Theresa conspire against Dannifer.  EJ and Sami talk about postponing the wedding.  I missed the last few minutes of the show due to a visitor.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Abby walks in on Chad/Cameron's discussion. Cameron wants to tell her something. EJ asks if Sami wants to get married.

Sami tells EJ that she doesn't know if she wants to get married. Rafe tries to walk at PT. Jordan asks why Rafe is upset.

Rafe thinks Chad getting shot is his fault. Kate watches. Theresa and Karin hug at the Pub. Theresa knocks over her purse.

Karin sees the broken Dannifer pic in Theresa's purse. Maggie goes to Dan's to tell him the news. JJ says he won't listen to Jenn.

this is looking like an FF episode of .

Karin asks Theresa if she's sleeping with Dan. Maggie in her ruffles tells Dan about JJ's situation.

JJ thinks their family is fake. JJ says she doesn't know him. She wants to know who he is. Cameron covers for Chad.

Abby thinks Cameron and Chad are hiding something from her. Rafe says his affair with Kate caused the shooting. Kate hears, and leaves mad.
Jordan doesn't see that it's Rafe's fault. Sami says, "trauma haunts this house." EJ blames Sami's change of mind on Roman.

Sami says her family didn't influence her. He wonders if she still loves him. Cameron leaves Cabby alone. Maxine asks Cameron about Chad.

Kate tries to get info about Jordan from Cameron. Rafe feels he should have known that Marge was on the edge, and he didn't stop her.

Jordan asks when will the shooting be Marge's fault. Anne is watching.

EJ tells Sami that Stefano felt guilty about Chad being shot. EJ calls Sami "emotional" and wants a postponement Sami says what about cancel

Cameron gives no details about Jordan to Kate. Abby gives Chad something for good luck that Jack gave her.

Abby tells Chad that she told Jenn about them sleeping together. Maggie tries to manipulate Dan into going to Jenn's.

Nice that Maggie only cares about Dannifer, and nothing about JJ. After arguing, JJ leaves when Jenn tells him to stay away from Theresa.

Sami moves in for a kiss, EJ strolls out of the house. He looks scared. Chad thanks Cameron for not telling Abby.

Karin stares at the Dannifer pic at the hospital. Karin shows the pic to Maxine. She asks Maxine to see if Dannifer wants the pic.

Maggie shows up at Jenn's. Jenn tells her JJ is gone. Jenn freaks out that JJ will go to prison. Rory gives JJ drugs.

Rory asks if JJ told the judge what Jack did. JJ asks how does Rory know?

JJ leaves his friends who want to talk to him about what Jack did. They are genuinely concerned for him.

Jenn calls Theresa "the devil" to Maggie. Jenn leaves for work. Theresa is not happy that Karin took the picture.

Anne thinks Dan is going to find out that Theresa broke into his apartment. Kate tells Rafe that she saw Chad.

Jordan takes Rafe back to his room. Kate calls someone to investigate Jordan. Chad tells Cameron why he lied about having a tumor.

Chad feels that Cameron moved in on Abby while Chad was dealing with what he thought was a brain tumor at the time.

Must be nice to have the spare time to do nothing but spam by blog with stupid fake casting bullshit. Get a life.

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