Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's "Let's Go Before I Hurl" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, we finally see Harold opening a door.  Rafe, Kate, and Jordan crash the Ejami engagement party. Caroline predicts karma will be a bitch for Stefano.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:


Cameron figures out Chad's tumor lies. Will leaves Ari with the babysitter. Sonny is wearing a hideous bow tie.

Rafe bitches to Kate about the hospital tv only having reality tv. He must have been watching .

EJ toasts Sami. Marge puts her gun to her head, then changes her mind. Sami toasts EJ. She says he is a "real man."

Stefano smiles when Sami talks about EJ sacrificing for his family. Kate talks to Rafe about her cancer recovery.

Kate tells Rafe he "needs to get his strength UP." Yeah, we all know what she means.

Kate badmouths Jordan with Jordan right behind her. Wilson show up at the engagement party. Will doesn't think Stefano is having a good time

Stefano calls Marlena "the Queen of the Night." Stefano invites Marlena to the DiMansion since they are family. She refuses.

Gabi tells Abby that Cameron asked her to get Cameron and Chad alone. Cameron threatens to tell Abby. EJ intervenes.

Marge shows up outside of the Club. Rate wants to get a drink with Jordan. Stefano invites Wilson and Ari to the mansion.

Stefano is very gracious when he's won. lol

EJ covers Chad's ass with Cameron. EJ claims he paid for Chad's treatment. Then EJ promises to end Cameron's career.

LMAO EJ tells Cameron he'll go back to stripping if Cameron says Chad is faking his tumor.

Rafe wheels himself around. Debby Downer tells him he needs to work on his upper body strength just in case.

Kate rips on Jordan for her insensitive comment. Jordan apologizes. Rafe wants her to buy him a beer to make up for it.

Cameron wants to leave the party early. Chad asks Cabi to stay. Cameron agrees. Abby asks Chad what is going on.

Chad tells Abby that Cameron was just upset he moved into the mansion. Sami says she feels like a "young bride with a grandchild."

Stefano says, "what the hell is she doing here?"

Rate and Jordan show up at the Club. Ejami welcome him, Rafe wants to leave. Rafe sees Stefano and decides to stay.

Marge shows up at the DiMansion looking for Ejami. Of course this is the first time ever that Harold answered the doorbell.

Gabi joins Rate at a table. Marlena joins them. She wants to talk to Kate. Marlena asks why she is there. Kate says it was an accident.

Sami wants Rafe gone because of Stefano. Sami is glad that Rafe doesn't know that Stefano wanted his junk in a box.

Harold tells someone on the phone about the engagement party location, Marge hears and leaves.

Will tells Rafe that he thinks Sami is truly happy. Rafe says he feels like he owes Sami. Will joins Marlena outside.

Will tells Marlena how he's doing. Will asks her about John. Marge gets a call. Rafe tells Sami good luck to her and the kids.

Stefano tells Rafe that he's lost a lot. Stefano says he looks pathetic. Rafe says he will go after Stefano.

Marlena tells Will that "sometimes love isn't enough." Will wants them to go to counseling. Marlena says John is living in Europe.

Caroline tells Stefano that his deeds will bite him in the ass. Kate and Jordan want to leave. Rafe wheels out.

EJ does another speech. Rafe says "let's go before I hurl."


Marge talks to Timmy on the phone. She hangs up and cries. Ejami kiss. Everyone raises their glasses to them.

Jordan says that Rafe has a complex relationship with Sami. Chad gives a speech about EJ being his brother.

Abby says, "oh my gosh, she has a gun." Marge shoots.

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