Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday's "Don't You Tell Me What I Can and Cannot Do" #Days Live Tweets

Well, we got another Dannifer episode of Days of our Lives today.  I actually like Cameron today for getting bitchy with Abby.  Abby uses John Locke's catch phrase at Chad.  For some odd reason, Daniel praises JJ for calling him instead of 911 even though that could have lead to Theresa's death. Ejami fight and make up.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ tries to wake up Theresa. He sees she's not breathing. Will tells the baby at the Club that he doesn't want to miss her 1st Halloween.

Sami tells EJ that Lucas doesn't want Allie there. Sami actually agrees with Lucas. Chad tells Abby that he needs to tell her something.

Chad tells Abby that he told Cameron he was dying of a brain tumor. Dan dreams about Jenn. Looks like another FF episode.

Jenn comes home and sees Hope there. Neither of them know where JJ is. JJ tries to get Theresa to wake up.

JJ calls someone. Will gives Sonny a new shirt for his conference. EJ insists the DiMansion is safe.

EJ can't believe that Sami doesn't think Stefano is going to change. Jenn feels as though JJ is in trouble. Dan answers JJ's call.

JJ uses Theresa's cell to call Dan and tell him to get over to her apartment quick.

EJ tells Sami that they have changed and Stefano can too. Sami says she's a mother first. Since when? Sami has always been about men.

Dan shows up at Theresa's. He tells JJ to call 911. JJ tells Dan he thinks G killed Theresa.

Wilson and the baby break up the Ejami hot argument. Chad tells Abby that he told Cameron he had a tumor out of spite.

Abby is not happy with Chad. Jenn and Hope talk to Rory and Bev at the Square. Dan gets Theresa to throw up. Bev calls JJ.

Dan tells JJ to not answer the phone.

Abby tells Chad that everything they had was based on a lie. She says she was going to chose Cameron. She says he just wanted to win.

Abby goes full John Locke and tells Chad, "don't you tell me what I can and cannot do." He doesn't want her to break up with him.

Will tells Sami his good news. EJ gets a text from Chad. Sonny takes Ari to see Sydney and Johnny. Dan tells JJ to leave.

Dan tells JJ that he did the right thing by calling him first. Uh no. He should have called 911 first. Theresa's life > JJ getting busted.

Jenn asks Rory and Bev to call her if they find JJ. They leave. Dan gives Theresa a shower to wake her up.

Will asks Sami if Ejami was fighting. She says they are fine. JJ is home on the couch. He's freaking out, then he leaves.

Hope overhears Karin at the hospital gossiping about Dan/Theresa. She lectures them on their conversation. Buzzkill

Jenn tells Hope that it's ok. The EMTs arrive for Theresa. He tells them what she was taking. Dan takes the drugs.

Jenn lectures Karin for spreading Theresa's gossip. Theresa gets wheeled in with a soaking wet Dan. Dan gives a nurse the drugs.

Jenn gives Dan a look of horror. Will thinks Ejami can make it. EJ thinks Abby will get over it. Chad thinks Abby is back with Cameron.

Cameron tells Abby he's glad Chad told her the truth. She calls him a liar, and slaps him. Didn't see that coming.

Jenn asks Dan how he knew where Theresa lives. JJ shows up at the hospital.

Wilson at the Square. They are really going to miss each other. Gabi texts that she's running late. They head home.

Abby thinks Cameron gave her up to Chad. Cameron rips on her for being indecisive. She's done with both of them, and leaves.

Sami tells EJ she won't walk away from him. Kiss. Dan says it's good he knew where Theresa lived or she would be dead.

Jenn asks why Dan was at Theresa's. He says he just was.

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  1. To me it was a good episode.

    Ok Daniel being the one saving Theresa was REALLY predictable but at least Daniel himself was quite bearable..not his fault after all, that the writing and all the other characters praise/pimp him again and again and shameful pimping made no favors to the in a way, at the end, he is the least for the audience.. and that matter ! lol. Moreover pretty soon he will fall from his pedestal (well for a while..)..when Jen will rage at him and all Salem will think of him as some sleazy perv, degenerate who had a sordid affair with little slutty druggie Theresa..ha.

    I disagree with Sami being all about men. She is more layered than that. For Sami it is 50/50 her children/her men, with some advantage to the children so i would say more 60/40.
    At the beginning, obviously she was a teen who used her first child as some big prize/pawn in order to get, to trap the all mighty, perfect Austin Reed. But after that she fought with Lucas for decades for her son ! Even with Brandon, she was desperate for her son's love while he always sided with Lucas. After that she dumped Ej for Will's sake because dear Will did some emotional blackmail on her (with a good portion of Lucas's help of course..). When Ej threatened to break up, she made it clear that she chose HER SON and they broke up, Ej became full-time Dimera soldier and the rest is history. When she hid Grace from was clear she had two motives : protect one of her child from Stefano and the Dimera influence and some impulsive jealousy about Nicole being in the see two motives : child/man. After that with Rafe well..yep she chose to tell her son, this time Johnny, that she did not love him in order to get Rafe a she clearly chose a man over her child..and it was least she quickly did reveal to Johnny the truth and her unconditional, unbreakable love for him..but yep it sucked and it was not a great period for Sami, the character..
    Well, all of that, to say that Sami love her men but she still love her children more..just look at all the troubles, shenanigans she got herself into, in order to protect Will this last year..of course she had to screwed up by wanting to save a man..Rafe