Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday's "Uncle Johnny" #Days Live Tweets

If it wasn't for the super cute kids today, Days of our Lives would have been another dumb Dannifer propping episode.  Thank goodness for Johnny DiMera!  Follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

JJ's got some pot. Abby walks into the room. She asks what he is doing. Adrienne sees Marge and Timmy at the Square.

Timmy's got his savings account deposit slips. Sami is at the SPD with Abe, EJ, Will, and the kids. JJ hides the drugs in his backpack

JJ trashes his mom w/o realizing she's right behind him. Dan meets Jordan at the hospital. Jordan denies being related to someone he knows.

Kate meets Kayla at the Pub to complain that Rafe's regressing. Stefano makes fun of Rafe for squeezing a ball.

JJ tells Abby that Dannifer is over. JJ calls Jenn a liar. Jenn wants an apology. Jenn denies sneaking around w Dan even though she tried.

Kayla tells Kate if Rafe has concerns with his care, he needs to talk to her directly. Stefano says Rafe won't be "a real man again."

Dan asks Maxine to be his date for the dinner banquet. She asks about Jenn. Jenn tells JJ to stop disrespecting her.

Ally tells Sami that she doesn't want to know about the super glue. Johnny talks about kids at school thinking Sami is guilty as hell

Sami holds Ari. Sami counts her blessings. Johnny says, "to infinity and beyond!" Kayla assures Kate that Rafe is in excellent hands.

Stefano holds Rafe's help button in front of him.

JJ leaves a message for Theresa, then runs into Bev. Bev's admirer is watching and is pissed. Abby asks Jenn about Dan.

Jenn tells Abby that she doesn't need Dan "to live a full and happy life." Amen. Maxine agrees to be Dan's date.

Stefano taunts Rafe by saying his ex is going to jail to protect him, and he has to testify against her.

Johnny wants Ari to call him "Uncle Johnny." Johnny says EJ can do anything. Adrienne gives Timmy his deposit book back.

Abby shows up at Dan's to tell him not to give up on Jenn. Jenn tells Kayla that she feels like the worst mom in the world.

Jenn tells Kayla she broke up Dannifer. She says she's going to focus on JJ, again. Bev leaves, Rory meets up with JJ.

Bummer, the kids are gone. Will wants to tell Trask that he shot EJ. EJ says that will make Sami's case worse.

Will leaves. Sami hugs EJ, and tells him she loves him. Adrienne tells Abe she has info on Sami's case to help Sami.

Rafe throws his affair with Kate in Stefano's face. Stefano calls Kate a whore, Rafe tries to make a fist, and can't.

Stefano presses the nurse button, tells Rafe that the nurse will get the pot for him. lol Gross.

Jordan and Kate show up at Rafe's bed side. Rafe tells them Stefano was there. Kate finds Stefano in the elevator.

Maxine tells Jenn that she talked to Dan. Abby says Jenn has more guilt over Jack's death than her. Neither of them seem guilty to me

Abby tells Dan she'll respect his decision. Sami says she's ashamed that she almost took that deal. Adrienne tells Abe about Timmy's 100k.

Maxine tells Jenn she's going to the banquet with Dan. Jenn tells her to go to the dinner, then Jenn leaves.

Dan tells Abby that Jack would be proud of her. Dan tells her to listen to her heart. Kate tells Stefano to stay away from Rafe.

Kate tells Stefano she will do whatever it takes to protect Rafe.

Stefano tells Kate that her eyes will wander. Rafe does more PT with Jordan. Jenn sees JJ got a B on his final.

Dan tells Abby that only JJ can help JJ. JJ deals to a guy and gets busted by the cops.

Abe tells Ejami that there's new evidence, and Trask is asking for a continuance.

Just a thought, if Timmy has all his deposit slips with the balances on every slip, that would prove that the money placed in the account was done recently even though the accountant made the deposits look older.  I'm predicting EJ's plan will blow up in his face, again.


  1. Love the twins playing Johnny, they are just awesome and so natural.. They could easily acting on prime time shows or movies but maybe being on a daytime show for now is a better perspective..Child stars most of the time don't manage fame and success really well..Just look at Macaulay Culkin or Lindsay Lohan or someone like Tatum O'neal who got an oscar at 10 and then downhill..Success too soon did not do any good to them..and i certainly don't want that for the Kunitz twins.
    And yep it will blow up in his face..this show like to have Ej and Sami's schemes, actions blow up in their faces every damn time..for that these two characters really look like each others.

    1. The twins also star in "Cougar Town." Plus I have a clip here of them doing a promo for "Wipe out."

      Yeah, Ejami are two peas in a pod.

    2. Yeah i know about Cougar Town but it is a little part..With their charisma and acting ability they could have major role like Lindsay did with The Parent Trap, Macaulay with Home alone or Joel Osment with Sixth sense ect..But i am glad it is not the case because fame and big success too soon doesn't seem to do anything good to these young actors/stars. Being on a daytime soap which is popular but kind of unknown mainstream wise seem to be a wise and safe choice for children. After that they can move on from it and be prepared enough for big projects who bring big fame. But as children maybe they need some protection, being in a bubble and daytime seem to provide this security..i don't know maybe i am wrong or maybe

    3. I do agree. I think Days is a better environment than Disney.