Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's "Lose It to a DiMera" #Days Live Tweets

On today's episode of Days of our Lives, EJ begs on his hands and knees for Stefano to save his fiance from prison.  Justin proves to be the worst lawyer in Salem once again when Roman unwittingly trashed his daughter on the witness stand.  Jordan continues to bore everyone in Salem.  Abe gets some new evidence.  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

EJ wants Stefano to turn in the razor. Stefano says he doesn't have to do anything. Abby talks about Chabby sex with Gabi w/ Cam listening.

Chad flashes back that his specialist told him he's healthy. Chad says out loud that he let Cameron think he has a tumor to get rid of him.

Jordan updates Kate on Rafe's condition. Kate asks Jordan that she doesn't like Kate that much. Abe updates Rafe on Sami's case.

Roman is on the witness stand. EJ offers Stefano the house and company. EJ wants him to name his price. Chad reads about treatments.

Chad gets a call that the dishwasher is broken. Trask is going to ask Roman questions about Sami's honesty.

Cameron shows up at Chad's and says, "you sonofabitch. How could you?" Jordan tells Kate she doesn't find her intimidating.

Trask asks Roman if Sami lied under oath. EJ gets on his knees and begs Stefano to take back what he took. Stefano says he broke his heart.

Stefano wants EJ to work with him side by side and have his family live in the house. EJ promises. EJ kisses his ring. EJ looks like Hell.

Gabi asked if her family problems led Abby to sleep with Chad. Abby admits she thought she would sleep with Cameron instead.

Cameron yells at Chad. Chad fakes a headache so he could shut his laptop which had brain tumor treatments on the page.

Trask asked Roman if Sami lied about Lucas in family court & lied about Will's paternity. Stefano has EJ contacting business partners.

Stefano tells EJ to go to court. He'll dine with the kids. Stefano toasts, "to one big happy family. My big happy family."

Chad tells Cameron they were together because she wanted it. Chad says Abby gives him a reason to live. Abby says her mom will freak.

Abby says she "did lose it to a DiMera." Rafe isn't happy with Kate's testimony, like his testimony was all that great. \

Rafe wants to go to the PT room. Jordan says no. He does his PT. This is so not interesting.

Roman testifies that Sami lied to Marge about not knowing Joe. He also testifies that he didn't know Joe was crooked. EJ shows up.

Stefano calls someone and says, "it's time. Make the move" while playing chess. Checkmate.

Abby leaves. Gabi visits Rafe. Abe tells Trask that there's been a development. Roman leaves the stand.

Cameron asks again for Chad to tell Abby about his condition. Gabi gives Rafe a quick update on her life. She leaves.

Trask asks for a recess since Abe was her next witness. Stefano finds Kate at the Square. He's smiling like a butcher's dog.

Abby talks to Cameron briefly at the hospital. Awkward. She leaves. Jordan tells Rafe he's making progress. He wonders about Kate.

Stefano asks Kate if she ever truly knew him and leaves. Abe wants forensics to run on the new evidence. Roman asks what's up. Abe leaves.

EJ tells Sami it's about time she gets a break. Justin hopes that this break doesn't cost them anything.


  1. Great episode..great and powerful scenes between JS and JM as Ej and Stefano. This show will always make Stefano the invincible uber-super villain at the end of the day. Almost always an OTT Bond-like villain..but at least he is not anymore the grandpa who has breakfast at the Brady Pub..Villain suits him but it works if he is not always on the canva..and sometimes he could lose..Poor Ej, this terrible dilemma and torned fate really makes him a grey character..i like that. Now let's hope Sami will be a bit understanding..after all it is to save her and her family is not really say the least.
    Chad is officialy a was time ! lol

    1. I'm glad Chad finally went over to the dark side.

  2. YES! Loved Chad scheming about his health to manipulate Abby - and in true DiMera form it was because he didn't want to lose to some other guy! Now how does he end up REALLY getting sick? Isn't that how they are switching actors?

    1. I don't know. Casey's last airdate is Halloween.