Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday's "Dreading the Dark" #Days Live Tweets

Today's episode of Days of our Lives wasn't too bad.  Rafe in the court room was totally annoying.  Will warns Nick not to hurt Sami when he testifies.  Kate practically running out of Wilson's apartment with baby Ari to get away from Maggie was hilarious.  I can't say I blame her! lol  You should follow me on twitter.  Here are today's live tweets:

Rafe is sworn in. Maggie talks to Nick at the Square. Maggie snoops into his papers and finds Gabi's photo. She asks what is going on.

Gabi sees Abby at the Pub, crying. Chad plays with a boomerang with Theo. Theo says he misses Lexie. Cameron watches.

Kate shows up at the Wilson apartment. She holds the baby. She updates them on the trial. Trask asks Rafe if he lied for Sami in the past.

Justin objects. Overruled.Rafe is being a total douche,. He admits he lied for Sami in the past.

Rafe admits he lied to keep Grace from EJ. Cameron again tells Chad to tell his family he's dying. Abby tells Gabi that JJ is still in jail.

Gabi tells Abby about Ari's drug problems. Nick wants to help get Gabi back into modeling behind her back. Maggie thinks he's in luv.   (Gabi's sister, Ari. Not the baby!)

Kate tells Wilson she testified that Sami threatened Nick with a gun. Trask shows text messages from Bernardi and Rafe.

Rafe testifies that he never saw signs that Bernardi was crooked.

Maggie's shirt is cut way too low. She leaves Nick agreeing to keep his secret. Abby wants to find a way to help JJ.

Abby tells Gabi that she's with Chad. Theo overhears Chad/Cameron and asks, "who is dying?"

Rafe testifies that he has no reason to think Bernardi wanted him dead.

Theo tells Chad the needs to practice the boomerang. Maggie shows up at Wilson's while Kate has the baby. Maggie stays.

Rafe testifies that Sami wouldn't shot a guy in cold blood, and that other cops might not necessarily know a cop was dirty.

Court is adjourned. Funny how it got lighter outside during the trial.

Jordan wheel Rafe out of the court room. Rafe wasn't happy with his testimony. Kate escapes from Maggie with the baby. I do mean escape.

Nick talks to Gabi and Wilson. Will tells Nick to stop incriminating his mom. Justin leaves the court room. Sami has to go back 2 jail

EJ gets the kids ready for bed. Sami looks at pics of the kids. EJ finds the letter Sami wrote him. Chabby kiss at her house.

Cameron thinks of calling Abby, then doesn't it. Chabby making out on the couch. Jordan does PT on Rafe who is still fuming.

Kate brings in Ari to visit Rafe. Jordan leaves. Nick tells Wilson what happened when Sami stole his money. Nick gets served.

Sami tells EJ how quiet jail is at night in her letter, "dreading the dark."

Jenn calls Abby. No bail hearing for JJ. Abby puts a cock block on Chad telling him that Jenn will be home soon.

Sami's letter says that if EJ's heart stopped, part of hers would stop too. Will tells Nick to not make things worse for Sami.

Sonny tells NIck to do right by Will for once. Gabi shows up at Rafe's hospital room. Sami signs her letter, "Samantha."

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